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# of integrated proviruses following in vitro retroviral infection

Doug Howe doughowe at med.unc.edu
Tue Apr 29 14:09:10 EST 1997

Hello there everyone! 
	I had a question that has been touched on here before, but I think the
answers didn't quite hit on what I am wondering about.  

	I am using a retroviral vector to infect primary cultures of glial
cells.  I believe the titre of my virus to be >10^5.  I was wondering if
there is a known mechanism that prevents the integration of many
proviruses each time I do an infection.  ie..I expose the cells to
retrovirus containing supernatant for 2 hours in the presence of
polybrene.  If there are >10^5 infectious particles present, yet only a
few hundred or maybe thousand cells, can each cell get infected many
times, forming multiple proviruses per cell, or is only a single
infection and integration event likely in each cell each time they are
exposed to virus?  

	Also with respect to this, are multiple infections, three days in a row
for example, likely to result in an increased gene dosage effect per

	Thanks for your time!  Hopefully the answers to these questions will be
of interest to others as well.

-Doug Howe-

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