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Bin Lu lub at umbi.umd.edu
Mon Mar 3 04:24:24 EST 1997

Current Ph.D. candidate (anticipate my degree in Aug. 1997) is looking
for a the post-doctoral position.  I have my expertise and interests
in working on projects, such as plant-microbe interactions, protein
biochemistry, signal transductions in plants, molecular genetics ...

Enclosed please find my CV. More information can be found @ my web
page: http://www.umbi.umd.edu/~lub/.  Should you have such a position
in your lab, please feel free to contact me for more information.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Bin Lu
Email: lub at umbi.umd.edu


                              Curriculum Vitae

                                   Bin Lu
                         Department of Plant Biology
               University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742
       Phone: 301-405-2852 Fax: 301-314-9082 Email: lub at umbi.umd.edu

                     URL: http://www.umbi.umd.edu/~lub/

Education and Qualification

   * 1991.8 - present University of Maryland, College Park, MD
          Ph.D. candidate (04/1994) - Plant Molecular Virology
   * 1986. 9 - 1989.7 The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
          M. Sc. (08/1989) - Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
   * 1982. 9 - 1986.7 Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, China
          B. Sc. (07/1986) - Cell Biology & Genetics

Professional Experience

   * 1994.9 - present Research Assistant III, Center for Agriculture
          Biotechnology, University of Maryland Biotechnology
          Institute, MD
   * 1996.7 - 1996.9 Instructor for PBIO698C: Computer Graphics, UMCP
   * 1993.8 - 1994.8 Assistant Instructor, Plant Biology, UMCP *
   1991.8 - 1993.7 Graduate Teaching Assistant, Botany, UMCP * 1989.8
   - 1991.8 Research Fellow, Institute of Botany /Genetics,
          The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

Professional Societies

   * American Society of Virology (ASV)
   * American Phytopathological Society (APS)
   * American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)


Honors and Awards

   * Jacob K. Goldharber Travel Grant Award, Graduate School, UMCP,
   1996 * Jane M. Prichard Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching,
   UMCP, 1994 * Summer Research Award, Plant Biology, UMCP, 1992 -
   1995 * Presidential Scholarship Award, The Chinese Academy of
   Sciences, 1989


Publications [Reprints available upon request.]

  1. Lu, B., and Culver, J. N. (1997). Coat protein interactions in
     viral cross protection of tobacco mosaic virus using a PVX
     vector. (In preparation)
  2. Lu, B., Stubbs, G and Culver, J. N. (1996). Carboxylate
     involved in the disassembly of tobacco mosaic tobamovirus. 
     Virology 225(1):11-20.
  3. Lu, B., Villani, P. J., Watson, J. C., DeMason, D. A., and Cooke,
  T. J.
     (1996). Morphological compartments in wild-type and mutant leaves
     of the garden pea (Pisium sativum L.). Int. J. Plant Sci. 157
  4. Cooke, T. J. and Lu, B. (1992). The independence of cell shape
     overall form in multicellular algae and land plants: cells do not
     act as building blocks for constructing plant organs. Int. J.
     Plant Sci. 153 (3): S7 - S27.
  5. Lu, B., Lin, B., Huang, H.-l. and Tan, K. (1992).
     regulated flowering-related mRNA and protein synthesis
     during vernalization of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Acta
     Phytophysiol. Sinica 18: (2):113-120.
  6. Lu, B., Huang, H.-l. and Tan, K. (1991). A primary studies on
     flowering-specific-proteins during vernalization of winter wheat
     (Triticum aestivum L.) using analytical isoelectrofocsing.
     Botanical Research 5:219 - 222.
  7. Wang, Y., Wang, L. S. and Lu, B. (1989). Changes of peroxidase
     soluble protein in tissue culture of Lycium barbarum L. Acta
     Biologia Experimetalis Sinica 22:1-7.
  8. Lu, B. and Lin, B. (1989). An improved method of two dimensional
     polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis for plant proteins. Progress
     Biophys. Biochem. 16(6):480-481.


Meeting Presentations

   * 1997 (July). The 16th Annual Meeting of American Society for
     Virology.Bozeman, Montana. "Coat protein interactions involved in
     tobamovirus disassembly " [Registered for a Talk]
   * 1996 (July). The 8th International Congress on Molecular
     Interactions. =A6Knoxville, Tennessee. "Coat protein carboxylate
     interactions: Effects on tobamovirus disassembly and
     pathogenesis" [Poster]
   * 1995 (August). The 87th Annual American Phytopathological Society
     Meeting. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. "Involvement of carboxylate
     groups in the disassembly of tobacco mosaic tobamovirus" [Poster]
     [Abstract published in Phytopathology (1995) 85:(10):1211].
   * 1991 (January). Workshop on Plant Development and
     Shanghai, China. "Flowering-inducing-proteins and their
     regulation" [Talk]
   * 1990 (August). Annual Meeting of American Society of Plant
     Physiologists. Indianapolis, Indiana. "Relationship to flowering
     of low temperature regulated changes in mRNA and protein
     synthesis in winter wheat" [Poster] [Abstract published in Plant
     Physiol. 93: s137].

References [Available upon request]

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