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Ebola: a quick question

Ed Rybicki ed at molbiol.uct.ac.za
Fri May 2 13:13:35 EST 1997

> From:          rivero at accessone.com (Michael Rivero)
> Subject:       Re: Ebola: a quick question

>  >	On the idea of eating infected wild game, the US troops do not 
>  >eat such stuff.  They eat their MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat.) 
>   I know the soldiers eat the MREs, but the refugees are eating everything 
> can find. An outbreak among the refigees would transfer to the soldiers.

Really?  There are US troops in among the refugees in Zaire?  Why is 
there still a problem there, then?  The reality is that while there 
may be US troops IN THE REGION, they are either not in Zaire, or are 
in Kinshasa in small numbers - and there are not any reports of 
refugees in Kinshasa or neighbouring areas to the west, and all the 
problem is in the east.  Where there are NO foreign troops who are 
not mercenaries.  Or Rwandans.

And why should Ebola transfer to the troops?  It didn't transfer to 
the medics and aid workers in Kikwit or in the original outbreak, 
once it was understood what was happening.

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