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Need Help@!!

Kelly Seide seidekl at supernet.ab.ca
Tue Oct 14 16:08:28 EST 1997

The other Week My brother in law got very sick, He has symptoms of
various illnesses but the doctors can't figure out what is wrong though
numerous of tests.  Here is the situation.. I hope that somebody will
read this and have a similar case that has happened so maybe there is
hope..  It started Monday 2 weeks from today.. with nausea and diarrhea,
that had gotten better as the week went on and on Thursday night My
sister and Brother in Law went out for Ice-cream...  He tasted the
ice-cream and said it tasted like salsa.. kind of spicy.. they laughed
it off.  Saturday came and he started complaining of swollen glands in
the throat so went to the Doctor.. where the doctor gave him medicine
for strep throat..  Sunday night He went to tell my sister that he
couldn't talk, or swallow his pills.. by the way he talked she couldn't
understand him.. his tongue was swelled and they went to the hospital..
there they transferred him to the University Hospital in Edmonton..
Monday Morning he had no feeling in his face from the neck up.. he
couldn't move his Eyelids his mouth and his hands were week...but still
mobile in his arms and legs..  through the week the doctors took several
tests...  2 spinal taps.. CAT Scan.. and a MRI  plus several blood
tests...  Wednesday the doctors couldn't figure out anything as the MRI
test didn't show and aneurysm or any other problem in the body..  they
figured it might be GBS Guillan Barre Syndrome or Botulism..  but the
Spinal taps concluded that it is neither.. they are treating him for
both symptoms but there is little too no improvement at all.  They have
him on a respirator at nights only now. So he is able to breath on his
own.. but he is weak,  His pupils do not dilate, he can not move his
eyes or eyelids.. can't swallow or talk..
everything in his face is paralyzed.  He is coherent and can write on
paper and give hand signals and can also open his eye with his fingers
and see a blurred vision.. but everybody is stumped.. even the doctors..
I am writing this in hopes that someone will help me send this out to as
many people out there as they can. As for I am not a doctor and don't
have any contacts to go to.  I am really worried about him and hope that
it isn't a serious illness...
Thank you for reading this and please email me if you know of anything
or any case..
seidekl at supernet.ab.ca
Kelly Seide

(I realise that this message does not necessarily belong in a virology 
newsgroup, and the danger of opening the floodgates to messages like this 
exists. However very few of these messages actually pass my desk and there may 
be some virologists out there that can shed some light on this issue.

Marnix Bosch
bionet.virology moderator)

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