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Michael J. Rudmin engineer at series2000.com
Sat Feb 27 11:15:57 EST 1999

I apologize for this intrusion; I am not nearly a virology expert.  Nor
I visit this site often.

However, I wonder:  might it not be possible to fit AIDS victims with
a small device that took blood out of a vein, heated it slightly (enough
kill roaming viruses) and then cooled it again?

Alternatively, might it be possible to alternatingly change the pH of
blood, first more basic than normal, then less, then more...  through a
IV drip, and thus wipe out the viruses as they form?

I think advantages of this would be that even if it did not kill off the
it would inherently slow down the mutation rates, such that the body
be able to take care of it.

Don't bother replying to me, since I won't be back, though if you all
to discuss it, feel free.  However, it is my guess that my thought is
silly, or has already been tried.

Anyhow, good day.  (And I hated to see that Zero Population Growth post.

It was reminiscent of a sci-fi book called Arslan, and a little bit

Michael Rudmin

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