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Seqs, synths, Mass Specs, MALDIs, liquid handlers available

Michael Sherrell mikegrizzly at 2xtreme.net
Fri Nov 22 04:19:16 EST 2002

Sequencers, synthesizers, Mass Specs, MALDIs, liquid handlers available:

  ABI 3900: $75,000. Rebuilt w/ 90-day parts & labor warranty.
  Expedite 8909: $9,000. Includes M.O.S.S, rebuilt w/ new ABI valves, 90-day
warranty. + $2,500/trityl.
  ABI 394: $12,500. Rebuilt; 90-day warranty
  ABI 392: $10,500. Rebuilt; 90-day warranty
  ABI 3948: $20,000. Working well in lab now.
  ABI 390Z: $9,000. Good working order.
  Beckman 1000M: $11,000. Excellent condition; guaranteed
  BioSearch 8750. ~$4,000. Have 5; cheaper & faster than 394s
  Cruachem PS250. <=$2,500. 6 available
  (ABI 3900: software for sequence loading, web interfacing available; call for 

High throughput synthesizers:.
  BLP 192: $120,000. 2 plates, 8 min. cycle time. New; incl. install + 1 yr. 
  Polygen 96: $90,000. Includes rebuild, upgrade, installation and training..
  Polygen 10: Call if interested
  Oligopilot II: Still working on price; call/email if interested.

  ABI 310: $25,000. Includes install
  ABI 3100: $95,000.
  ABI 3700: $144,000. Includes manufacturer's install + software license
  ABI 3700: $99,000. PMd and deinstalled by ABI
  ABI 7700: $45,000. Incl. manufacturer's install
  MegaBace 1000: $49,000. Incl. installation by manufacturer
  ABI 377: $18,500. 96-lane; install incl., eligible for service
  ABI 377: $17,500. 64-lane; price includes manufacturer's install
  ABI 377: $7,000. As is, complete.
  Genescan: $5,000. Licensed software for the 377, 310 or 373
  Genotyper: $3,500. Licensed software for the 377
  ABI 373 stretch: $9,000. Big Dye upgrade
  LiCor 4200: $25,000. Incl. Global Upgrade; guaranteed installable
  LiCor 4000LS <: $20,000. 1994 model; can have Global Upgrade
  Genomyx LR: $2,500. Boots; many accessories

Peptide synthesizers.
  ABI 430: $10,500. Rebuilt, 90-day warranty
  ABI 431: $15,000. Rebuilt, 90-day warranty
  ABI 432: $15,000. Rebuilt, 90-day warranty
  ABI 433: $24,000. Rebuilt/upgraded; 90-day warranty
  ABI 433: $33,000. Original 433; rebuilt w/ 90-day warranty
  Symphony: $59,000. With Rainin rebuild, new computer, 6 mo. warr.
  CS Bio 336: ~$32,000. 6 mos old; lease default. 3 peps simultaneous; .05-.25 
  ACT LabTech III: $15,000. 30-day warranty
  PerSeptive 9050+: $11,000. Rebuilt, 90-day warranty
  MPS unit for the Pioneer peptide synthesizer: $10,000. New and unused; price 
= 50% of new cost
  ACT 396 MPS: $42,000. Factory refurb; includes 120-day warranty
  ACT 396: $9,500. Working in lab now.
  PerSeptive 9600: $6,000. Working in lab
  ACT Vantage: $79,000. Current instrument; excellent condition.
  ACT 384: $105,000. Current instrument; excellent condition.
  ACT 357-MPS: call for price.
  ACT 400: call for price. Very low use.
  Argonaut Quest 205: $27,000. ASW model
  Argonaut Quest 210: $19,000. ASW model

Peptide sequencers:
  ABI 494: $105,000. Unused; certified ok for service contract.
  Beckman 6300: various prices. Have several; can rebuild or sell for parts
  ABI 421: $10,000. Offers considered.
  ABI 477/120: <= $5,000.
  ABI 477: free if you pay shipping; good for parts only.
  ABI 470A: $2,000. For parts. Many extra parts.

[Note: various other ABI, HP, Millipore, Biosearch, Beckman, etc. sequencers, 
synthesizers etc. available; please inquire.]

  Sciex API 150EX: $75,000. Includes HPLC system.
  Sciex API 150EX: $55,000. Installed.
  Sciex API III+: $30,000. Triple quad: ES, APCI; +$15K/intall w/ 1 yr. warr.
  Sciex API I: $20,000. Single quad; more sensitive than the Sciex 150. + $15,000/installation 
and 1 year service contract.
  Sciex API APCI source: $6,000.
  HP 1100 MSD: $50,000. Model A; updated to LAN.
  HP 1100 MSD: $39,000. Model A; esi + APCI.
  Micromass Ultima: $165,000. Quattro; ESI, APCI; new July 2000. Outside US only. 
  Micromass Quattro II: $150-200K. Price depends on whether you want installation, 
GC and/or HPLC
  Micromass LCZ Pltfrm: $45,000. ESI, APCI; + $5K/install, and 90-day warr.
  Micromass MUX: Price not yet set; call if interested.
  VG70E-HF: $20,000. Hi-res mag sector; EI/CI, FAB. Recent refurb.
  Finnigan LCQ Classic: $77,500. API, installed, 1 year warranty, 4000 amu upgrade
  Finnigan LCQ Classic: $10,000. Complete but dysfunctional. +$5K for ESI source.
  Finnigan LCQ Deca: $185,000. XP model. 1 year warranty; probes sold separately
  Finnigan LCQ Deca: $168,900. 1000 model. Installed w/ 1 year warranty; sources 
sold separately
  Finnigan Navigator: $42,500. Guaranteed good working order
  Finnigan TSQ 7000: $60,000. ES, APCI, API 1, Excalibur, good working order.
  Finnigan TSQ 7000: $75,000. API 2, ES, APCI, Excalibur, installation and warranty 
  Finnigan SSQ 7000: $40,000. ES, APCI; Excalibur; API 1 source; install included
  Finnigan TSQ 700: $18,000. Electrospray, APCI, Alpha workstn. ~$3K/install
  Finnigan SSQ 710: $14,000. Electrospray, APCI. Good working order.
  Finnigan MAT 900: $40,000. Offers considered. EI, ES, APCI.
  Finnigan Mat ITS40W: offers considered. With Varian 3400 GC + A200s Auto Sampler.
  Bruker Esquire: $79,000. Ion trap. Includes installation, guar. eligible for 
Bruker svc. contract
  Xtrell 400 ELQ: $20,000. Or best offer. LC/MS/MS, GC/MS/MS; 10 yrs. old, floor 
model, well-maintained
  Fisons VG 2000. <$100,000.
  Fisons VG Trio: $25,000. LC + GC: 3000 amu; thermospray, EI/CI, HP 5890 included. 
Install, license & 90-day warr. + $14,500
  HP 5989: $21,500. Electrospray, APCI; 2000 amu
  VG Trio 2: $7,500. Electrospray; complete; parts or fixer-upper unit.
  Nermag R10c. <$10,000. Like new; make offer.
  VG 7070-EHF.  small $s. 1984 model; used for FAB.
  MM Autospec S: $65,000. European install included; available in US
  MM Autospec V: $75,000. European install included; available in US

Service and service contracts available for PESciex API 3000, 365 and III+.

  Voyager DE STR: $165,000. New Oct. 2000. Shipping/installation extra.
  Voyager DE Pro: $145,000. Incl. factory install, certification.
  Voyager DE RP: $50,000. Late '97 model; new detector and laser, rebuilt pump.
  Micromass LCT: ~ $200,000. API-TOF. Includes HPLC. New July 2000.
  Bruker Biflex III: ~ $50,000. DE; decommissioned by Bruker.
  LaserTec II: $75,000. By PerSeptive. 5 yrs. old; excellent condition.
  SRI custom design: $100,000. Ideal for SNP determination. Asking price. 384 
samples/20 min. Can be tested.
  Finnigan MAT Vision 2000: $80,000. Reflectron. Includes install, 1 year warranty
  VG Tof-Spec: $5,000. Or best offer. For parts; new laser card and other new 

Liquid handlers:
  Zymark Psyclone: call for details.
  Tecan RSP-200/8 ID Robot Sample Processor, fully equipped, $190K; was $262K 
  Packard Multiprobe 20400 and CP20400, Packard refurbed, $16,500 for either
  Genetix Qbot, $87,000 warranteed
  Transgenomic WAVE system, $42,500 incl. installation, eligible for svc.
  Tecan Genesis RSP 150, no Roma, $69,000 delivered w/ 120-day warranty.
  Tecan Genesis RSP 100, $41,000 delivered w/ 120-day warranty.
  Biomek FX: $75,000. Was $125K new; still has 4 mos. warranty left.
  Biomek 2000, no side loader, $49,000.
  Beckman Multimek, $34,000.
  LC Packings UltiMate NanoLC system w/ FAMOS autosampler, $37,300
  Scitec robotic liquid handling system, 3-meter rail, $60,000 guaranteed working
  Tom-Tec Quadras, various configurations, refurbished and warrantied.
  Hamilton Microlab 2200: $5,000.
  Hamilton Microlab 2200 8-tip: $4,000.
  XP-arm based Zymarks: $10,000 and $20,000, depending on accessories.
  ABI 877 Catalyst Turbo: $12,000 or best offer
Other expensive hi-tech items:
  Varian Inova 600 NMR: $450,000 shipped, installed and eligible for Varian service.
  Biacore 1000, $35,000 with Biacore pm.
  FX90Q NMR w/ Tek-Mag, $25,000.
  MoFlow Ultra-High Speed Flow Cytometer: $299,000
  Perkin Elmer 1010M Micro Densitometer: was $325,000 new. Now in Japan. Call 
if interested.
  FacSort, 1992, 3-color, Mac G4, $35,000
  Amersham FARCyte/Tecan Ultra fluorescence plate reader, new in box, $50,000. 
List: $80K.
  PerSeptive BioSystems (ABI) Integral 100Q MDLC, $35,000. Less than 10 hours 
of use.
  Packard Arrayer: current instrument. ~$80,000 (75% of new price)
  HP (Affymetrix) GeneArray Scanner Model G2500A, new/unused, $49,000
  Affymetrix 417 Arrayer/spotter: seller considering offers; call if interested.
  Affymetrix 417 Arrayer/spotter: $34,500 reconditioned with 1 year warranty
  Genomic Solutions ProMS, ProPIC, and Flexys; much less than new price; call/email 
if interested.
  Accutag Radio Frequency Reader/10k Automated Microreactor Sorting System, $80,000
  Genevac's Mega 1200 ultra high throughput solvent evaporation system, 1.5 yrs 
old but unused, $200,000 or best offer.
  Genetix QBot picker/arrayer. Call/email if interested.
  Genomic Solutions GeneTAC microarray Hybridization Station: <=$45,000 (for 
details see http://www.genomicsolutions.com/products/bio/hyb.html)
  BioRobotics BioPick automatic colony picker. Excellent condition. ~$60,000
  Process Engineers 29 liter mammalian cell bioreactor, new/unused, ~$35,000 
or best offer.
  Bio-Rad Fluor-S MultiImager with 11 imaging screen cassettes, $27,600 (was 
$50K new)
  Various Scanning Electron Microscopes and TEMs, $9,500-$375,000. Call or email 
<mailto:mike at grizzlyanalytical.com> for list.
Too hard to classify:
  Canberra Gamma Counter: $43,000 or best offer. 2 yrs old; $65,000 new price.
  BioCAD 20s and 60s w/ 90-day warr. available for $17-22,000, depending on details. 
700E also avail.
  Gilson 215: $6,000, guaranteed good working order.
  Luminex LX100 (simultaneous assay of multiple analytes): $35,000.
  Glycoprep 1000 automated hydrazinolysis machine: $9,000; good working order
  Packard Topcount 12-detector 96 well microplate scintillation counter, $35,000
  PE 9600 thermalcyclers: $3,750 w/ 90-day warranty
  PE 9700 thermalcyclers: $4,450 w/ 90-day warranty
  PE 2400 thermalcyclers: $2,450 w/ 90-day warranty
  PE 480 thermalcyclers: $3,000 guaranteed working; have several
  Beckman P/ACE 5500: $25,000
  MD Phosphorimager 445SI, no densitometer, $11,000
  MD Personal Densitometer SI -- call to discuss price
  MD PhosphorImager Model 425E: make offer
  MD PhosphorImager Model 475: $15,000 guaranteed working to specs
  MD FluorImager 575; asking $18,500
  MD Cytosensor, ~ 50% of new price

Also available:
  HPLCs, ICs, CEs, FPLCs: microbore to prep scale.
  Beckman, Tecan, Hamilton robots/liquid handlers.
  A variety of other lab instruments.

Please call or email with your request. Listed items are subject to prior sale.

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for your inconvenience.].

Michael Sherrell
Grizzly Analytical (USA)
707 887 2919/fax 707 887 9834
www.grizzlyanalytical.com <http://www.grizzlyanalytical.com>.


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