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RE:Re: What is a virus

Kelvin Ayaba nkelvin001 at freenet.de
Wed Jun 25 02:38:19 EST 2003

A virus is obligate intracellular organism.A virus can only carry out it
biological processes such as reproduction in a living cell i.e a virus
will remain inactive for as long as it is out of a living cell.Because
it reside inside the living cell,it can not be killed without killing
the cell.it is for that this reason that H.I.V is very difficult to be
killed.Hope to share more next time .Bye for now.

jaymone schrieb in der newsgroup bionet.virology:
> I n my opion, viruses are not living.  This of course begs for a
> of life.  In my simple terms, a living organism can extract energy
>from the
> environment and redirect that energy towards reproducing progeny like
> itself.  Viruses fail this test, since they are totally unable to
>extract or
> utilize metabolic energy except in the context of a host cell.  If
> biological viruses are indeed alive, then what about computer viruses,
> perform cery much the same functions as biological viruses, but exist
> in machines.  Viruses, possessing only a piece of genetic material and
>a few
> proteins (occasionally some enzymes, are completely inert without the
> cell's metabolic machinery.  Prions and viriods take this wierd world
> infectious agents even deeper into the shadows between animate and
> objects.  After studying these organisms for the past twenty years, I
> don;t think I can consider them alive oin the biological sense.
> Jay Mone
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