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Question about virus vs. bacteria ... again

bob xyzbbruner at uclink4.berkeley.edu
Mon Feb 9 03:55:04 EST 2004

On 3 Feb 2004 23:57:47 -0000, aniramca at yahoo.com (aniram) wrote:

jaymone's reply is great; just a few small additions...

>I read the difference between virus and bacteria in the news, and in
>the internet.
>My questions are :
>- Is bacteria a plant or "animal"?. I thought there is another one
>that refers specifically to "animal" species .. I can remember the
>name for it.
>- So, if virus is not a bacteria, then is it a living organism?  Is
>then virus more related to cells/elements in rocks, soils, etc?  ie.
>not a living organism.
>- Does virus live naturally ? or was it originally created by human in
>the lab?
>(People refer in computer language as virus, not bacteria... because
>it is man-made).

The reason computer viruses are called viruses is NOT because they are
manmade, but because of how they work; their behavior is somewhat like
that of biological viruses.

>- Why do they have a flu vaccine ? I thought vaccine can only be
>produced to fight for bacteria. 

The first vaccination developed was for the smallpox virus. 

Not sure, but I suspect there are more vaccinations available against
viruses  than against bacteria. But the basic idea is the same in any
case. Vaccines are targeted against some particular feature of the
virus or bacterium -- or protozoan or even human cell.


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