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Paul Barton-Davis pauld at cs.washington.edu
Tue Aug 3 11:07:53 EST 1993

   I want to echo Johnathan B. Marder's point about this newsgroup. Una
Smith seems to want people (actually, women in particular) to start
using the network as a tool to discuss and perhaps further science.
But this newsgroup's charter is only peripherally about science's
(biology's) subject matter.  

  It has to be said that I, personally, have very varied opinions of
much of what has been posted here so far, but thats OK. This is not my
newsgroup, this is a newsgroup for women in biology, and if these are
their concerns, more strength to them. Of course, women in biology
also have a set of concerns that they share with men, but there are
other newsgroups where those issues can be raised.

  When people start talking "Real Science" ("what does this data mean ?", 
"how do I do this ?", "does anyone have any idea what ... ?" etc.), 
it tends not to matter too much what gender they claim as their
own. If Una wants to read this sort of thing, which seems perfectly
reasonable to me, then surely bionet.anything.but.women-in-bio is the
place to start.

-- paul 

ps. As a male, I read this group because (1) I have a wife in the middle
of her PhD in a biological field, which leads me to be interested in
understanding and listening to the problems, concerns, successes that
women working in biology have, and (2) I have an interest in questions
surrounding the sociology of science (I quit my own PhD in part due to
a disgust with the ivory tower nature of 90% of science). The issue of
whether or not there is such a thing as "feminist science" versus a
"feminist scientific establishment" is a particularly interesting
question, IMHO. 

Nonviolence is not a land of milk and honey.  Nonviolence is tough.  You don't
practice nonviolence by attending conferences, you practice it on picket
lines, and that can he hard when you are faced with people who may be ready to
attack you with rocks, baseball bats, knives, even guns. [ Cesar Chavez ]

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