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Wed Aug 4 19:12:56 EST 1993

UnUna's comments about women's participation in the wonderful world of Internet
make make for more of a case for the men to shut up than for the women to speak
up more.  From the two forums that I watch most closely, most of the questions
on methods-and-reagents are from (apparently) lazy grad students who haven't
yet learned how to use the most basic protocol books or (despite having learned
to use some sort of email) how to do basic medline searches.  On top of that,
every ego-hungry (apparently) male reader who happens to know the answer sends
it in, leaving a long list of useless duplicates to wade through in my mailbox.
The other forum, immunology, has so far been stuffed full of rehashing's of old
paradigms that they seem to think are brand new, and have long since been
discarded for a lack of evidence.  It seems that most of these discussions
begin with "I'm not an immunologist, but I was just wondering...".   BTW, I
have had a difficult time convincing my mentor of the utility of Internet
because, being an immunologist, he couldn't see much usefulness in the
immunology forum.
     The point is that maybe this is one area where there is no need to try to
change women's social perspective, in which, like Pamela Vandervere's father,
women (gross generalization) tend not to speak up in scientific settings unless
they have something intelligent, relevant, and useful to say.  If more of the
postings on Internet were like that, I might have a much cleaner mailbox, and
the male:female ratio might self correct "miraculously".

Dean Lee  (hoping this was inteligent, relevant, and useful)
mbidle at lluvm.bitnet

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