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Is marriage a career advantage?

Dianne Marsh dianne at cbi.com
Fri Aug 13 08:16:33 EST 1993

In article <1993Aug12.201402.3810 at ncsu.edu> samodena at csemail.cropsci.ncsu.edu (S. A. Modena) writes:
>Not just Science-at-Large, but "older" women in general.  My reference is a
>poll on just this topic done by Newsweek (or was it Time)...and I disclaim
>that it applies to the U.K.
>It said that there is an inverse relationship between a woman's age and her
>first marriage....and specifically, a woman over 30 y.o. has close to ZERO
>likelihood of marrying--ever.  Thus, if male companionship-marriage-style
>is desirable, pay attention to the clock.

Just to set the record straight, this information was refuted at a later
date.  It did not receive *nearly* as much attention as the original article.

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