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Who is the real Claude Elwood Shannon?

S. A. Modena samodena at csemail.cropsci.ncsu.edu
Wed Jan 20 16:58:30 EST 1993

An article of possibly some (human) interest to readers of this group:

	"Claude E. Shannon"
	by John Horgan
	IEEE Sprectrum 29(4):72-75  1992

"In 1985, he made an unexpected appearance at the International Information
Theory Symposium in Brighton, England.  The meeting was proceeding
smoothly, if uneventfully, when news raced through the halls and lecture
rooms that the snowy-haired man with the shy grin who was wandering in and
out of the sessions was none other than Claude Shannon.  Some of those at
the conference had not even known he was still alive.

"At the banquet, the meeting's organizers somehow persuaded Shannon to
address the audience.  He spoke for a few minutes and then--fearing that he
was boring his audience, he recalled later--pulled three balls out of his
pockets and began juggling.  The audience cheered and lined up for
autographs.  Said Robert J. McEliece, a professor of electrical engineering
at the California Institute of Technology and chairman of the symposium:
'It was as if Newton had showed up at a physics conference.' " .....

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