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RE. groups of women

Susan Forsburg susan_forsburg at QM.SALK.EDU
Fri Jun 17 10:14:41 EST 1994

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> >Two years ago, when teaching a molecular biology lab course, I said at
> >the beginning, before people picked their own lab partners, that there
> >was research indicating that women in mixed-gender groups get less out
> >of courses than single-gender groups. The class divided themselves
> >pretty much by gender, at least among the undergraduates. I think this
> >had a positive impact on the students. I had also observed men
> >dominating groups. One-on-one assertiveness training will also help -
> >the self-confidence from doing it yourself and getting it right is
> >invaluable. Muriel Lederman Biology Virginia Tech Blacksburg VA
> This is really an interesting approach.  I've used it before in other
> contexts.  I was wondering if anyone has a reference for this particular
> study (mixed-gender vs. single-gender groups).  It would be good to be
> able to back oneself up when students ask, as they invariably do (and
> should too).  Thank you.
> Mona

When I was an undergraduate, at the beginning of the Chem 1A lab, the lab
supervisor announced, "we know that women will not do as well as men in
this class."  What was remarkable about this was
--it was 1980
--it was at UCBerkeley, a liberal environment
--the lab supervisor was herself a woman.

Oh yes, and women if I recall correctly were 6 out of the top ten students.
 I often wondered if the supervisor's intent was to make us mad and push us
to be good that way--because she did.


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