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Career issue of Science

Janet Bryant jl_bryant at pnl.gov
Wed Oct 19 18:13:03 EST 1994

In article <37uolb$6vt at netnews.upenn.edu>, lhyatt at mail2.sas.upenn.edu (Laura Hyatt) says:
>In article <1994Oct17.205249.26699 at oxvaxd>,  <kkaye at vax.oxford.ac.uk> wrote:
>>I would sign any non-flaming letter with an agreed text in re the latest issue
>>of Science.
>>Katherine J. Kaye
>>kkaye at vax.ox.ac.uk
>Likewise.  That special really got my goat.  I was also disappointed in 
>the lack of discussion about what people are doing with PhD's BESIDES 
>academia or industry -- good thinkers are valued everywhere.  It would be 
>great to read about people who are professionally successful, have PhD's, 
>aren't using the specific factual knowledge that the degree gave them, 
>but are using the mental habits.  
>Laura A. Hyatt
>lhyatt at mail.sas.upenn.edu
>Laura Hyatt
>lhyatt at mail.sas.upenn.edu
>Keep in mind the present you are constructing.  
How about a chemist who went back to night school for 5.5 years to get her
MBA to make her more marketable in the late 1980's.  ....("present"  :-)

I am now a senior research scientist and project manager at a Department
of Energy National laboratory in Richland, WA working on and managing
multi-disciplinary project research teams.  Mostly to solve the waste cleanup
problem in the environment.  Far cry from synthetic organic (theoretical) chemistry.

I get disheartened to hear talented women who have obviously impecable
credentials sell themselves so short and then "blame the system" because
they are unhappy and unfulfilled.

As I tell my 11 year old daughter, get a grip!  Life is not fair.  Don't expect it
to be.  Make the best of it.  Life is also too short to work at something you don't
love!  Love what you do; do what you love.  and accept the consequences of 

limited job choices.  limited salaries. limited raises.  may all have some
very real and appealing positive consequences for other life choices:
flexibility, freedom to act, more free time, more community service time; 
being closer to family members in a chosen locale.

I prefer my glass half full, thank you.  That is not to say that I accept
garbage and less than acceptable treatment in my work!  It means
I actively manage my career in concert with all my life choices.

thanks for listening.

Janet Bryant
jl_bryant at pnl.gov

"mine, all mine.  My company wouldn't claim these expressive opinions anyway."

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