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Leo Smith leo at elmail.co.uk
Sat Oct 29 10:23:33 EST 1994

In article <1994Oct27.023300.9271 at blaze.trentu.ca>, <csack at ivory.trentu.ca> 
 >Is this not true?  I am not from Britain, so I don't know. 

How long have you been on the 'net then?
Nothing enforces the truth of anyones posting on the 'net.

> Are you
> trying to tell me that the guy is just blatantly lying?

Possibly - who can tell?

> I did say the religious part was weird, but if the issue is real,
> then I agree that it would be serious.  

The issue is as real to you as you want to make it.

> Are you, however, basing your doubt simply on the fact that the guy 
> ended with a religious statement?
> It might not be a reason to ignore his whole document.


> BTW (by the way), I do read several other groups, and have never
> before seen this post.  I believe you that it has appeared elsewhere,
> and agree with you that it was inappropriate to post here, but
> people seemed to jump a little hard on the silencing bandwagon.  Is
> there something going on in Britain of which I am unaware?  Are 
> people using social problems to advance the cause of scientology?
No more than religious fundamentalists in the USA and elsewhere are using 
presumed satanic abuse to advance THEIR cause, or feminists worldwide using 
sexual crime etc. etc.

Everyone has their own axe to grind don't they?

> Still questioning the reaction,
> Cybele.

Well, I think that most people assume that about 50% plusd of what appears on 
the net is seriously biased and posted by people with Missions of one sort or 

Usually these people have a detectable sexist/political/racist/or religious 

(or just about any other ist)

Beating 'em up can be fun: Also the reverse. Its a game to see how much flame 
you can get by telling alt.vegetarian's that you are a cannibal etc.  

Internet is free press par excellence and it attracts all the soapbox stars

If it bothers you, ignore it and it will go away. Or if you want to engage the 
poster in a dialogue that's within your power too. Make up your own mind!

All the rest of us can offer is our personal opinion....;-)

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