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more Wrinkle in Time

Jason Taylor theoblit at wam.umd.edu
Sun Jan 8 02:28:51 EST 1995

Kevin P. O'Connell (oconne18 at pilot.msu.edu) wrote:
: In Article <01HLHN8GMXKM9I4ZUB at Butler.EDU> "SCHMID at Butler.EDU" says:
: > P.S.  Are scientists also writers and detectives?
: > 
: As for writers, I'd say most that I know above the post-doc level are
: exclusively that.  
  ^^^^^^^^^^ !
: Kevin

Well, who knows why I'm reading anything here in the firstplace
(I'm a guy), but, anyways, that article hit a chord in me.  I'd say
one of the best things I did as a young kid was get into stuff like 5-min
mysteries, Encyclopedia Brown, etc.  I think it helped my neural
nets question how all new information "fits in".  For some of us,
our research really IS detective work.    

Re: writing:  Now give the old timers a break.  They do more than
write proposals, etc.  They think sometimes too.  By the way, just
because you write, that doesn't make you a writer, which I wouldthink
means someone who writes fiction or non-fiction books or popular
articles for a living; I mean, if you are a scientist who changes your
own oil does that suddenly make you a mechanic too? 
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