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equal pay

Drmarts drmarts at aol.com
Fri Jan 27 15:35:25 EST 1995

>>>From time to time, there are articles written about how women are paid
less than
our male counterparts and that this occurs in every field.  Now, my
isn't whether this occurs or doesn't occur wherever you may be, but how do
address it if you are in the market?  I'm not looking now, it's just
some of my friends were discussing and I'm not proposing this question as
means to start a big flame session, but rather a constructive discussion
of what
we can do to prevent it from happening to us whenever we might be looking
for a
job next. <<<

I was once part of a panel discussing "Career Changes and the Glass
Ceiling" at a local AWIS chapter meeting when this topic came up. The
consensus seemed to be that one reason women in professions are paid less
than similarly-qualified men is that they simply don't ask for enough
during salary negotiations. In other words, one of the things that holds
us back is that we don't value our own worth enough to ask for as much as
we can get. I'm not trying to turn this into "blame the victim," I think
the reasons we don't value ourselves and our abilities come from the
sexist culture we've been raised in. But it is something to think about. I
did, and when I last changed jobs I requested and got a 25% increase in

The solution - read a couple of good books on negotiation ("Getting to
Yes" is a classic), do some research on salaries in your field, and then
go for it!

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