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Networking (was:Re: Tolerance/was: bjford)

Janine U15767 at UICVM.CC.UIC.EDU
Tue Jan 31 15:53:40 EST 1995

On 31 Jan 1995 17:42:44 GMT you said:
>In article <3gj6i1$pat at nntp1.u.washington.edu>, kantola at u.washington.edu
>(Angeline Kantola) wrote:
>> This is usually a much kinder forum; I've found information and networking
>> because of bionet.women-in-bio to be extremely valuable
>So what exactly is this Networking???  I thought it sounded kinda
>subversive...like something the mafia would do!  How do you network
>without being a nusiance to the busy professionals who are the subject of
>your inquiries?
>I have an idea that men are going to be more successul at it than women
>'cos they are more aggressive in talking to people and making unsolicited
>contacts. It sounds like an extension of the "old boy network" that has
>been prevalent, in the UK at least, in the past..So do we start our own
>Old Girl Network"??
>If this is how i have to get my next job..sorry, make that my FIRST
>job..my heart sinks.
>Insiration/insight anyone?

Cathy Quinones wrote a very eloquent response, so I'll just toss in my $0.02
worth (Thanks for the reference too, C.Q.).  Networking is not about an "old
boy" vs. an "old girl" club per se, but increasingly, getting a job is not
what you know as much as who you know.  Just because you're a woman doesn't
mean you only network with other women - and not only in your own profession,
either!  Look, I'm a candidate for a Ph.D. in Pharmacology too, and I have
my husband who is a structural engineer sniffing out job leads whenever he
gets a project with a company remotely connected to science.  And don't stop
there - other relatives can be more useful than you think.  With this said,
I have to say that I am not fond of this method of job hunting - call it
"female training" (I think that's sort of a cop-out) or just a personality
trait, but striking up this kind of conversation makes me uncomfortable.
But hey, it's best to play the game by the rules.  Think of it as an
opportunity broaden your circle of scientific contacts.  It may then seem
less tedious.

Just my opinions, which are solely mine.
Good luck!
U of IL at Chicago
U15767 at uicvm.uic.edu

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