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Networking (was:Re: Tolerance/was: bjford)

Cathy Quinones quinones at orchid.UCSC.EDU
Tue Jan 31 14:00:02 EST 1995

In article <hlyons-3101951242460001 at med-pharm5.bu.edu> hlyons at mbcrrc.bu.edu (Helen Lyons) writes:
>In article <3gj6i1$pat at nntp1.u.washington.edu>, kantola at u.washington.edu
>(Angeline Kantola) wrote: 
>> This is usually a much kinder forum; I've found information and networking
>> because of bionet.women-in-bio to be extremely valuable
>So what exactly is this Networking???  I thought it sounded kinda
>subversive...like something the mafia would do!  How do you network
>without being a nusiance to the busy professionals who are the subject of
>your inquiries?

Aha!  There you go.  You see, by contacting the "busy professionals" you are
doing THEM a favor, you are doing THEIR COMPANY a favor, by offering your
WONDERFUL BRAIN and SKILLS to their COMPANY, which no doubt will increase
their PROFITS.  Those "busy professionals" are supposed to be scuttling
around increasing productivity and profit, and if they hire a good
employee, they look good.  This is like asking a professor at your university
(for instance) for information or advice: the may bitch and moan about how
busy they are and all that crap, but the fact remains, advising students
IS part of they job, and if they renege on that, they are simply not doing
their job properly.  

>I have an idea that men are going to be more successul at it than women
>'cos they are more aggressive in talking to people and making unsolicited
>contacts. It sounds like an extension of the "old boy network" that has
>been prevalent, in the UK at least, in the past..So do we start our own
>Old Girl Network"??
>If this is how i have to get my next job..sorry, make that my FIRST
>job..my heart sinks.  

There you go again, who said women can't be assertive, and can't make
contacts on their own?  Even if women have traditionally been brainwashed
into acute meekness, once you recognize the problem, you can do something
about it.  Nobody is saying you (or I, for that matter) have to turn into
something we aren't; we don't have to completely revamp our personalities.
All we need to do is take stock of what we are, what we have, and what we
have accomplished, then present those accomplishments as the facts they
are.  Think of your resume/CV as hard data: market yourself with the same
confidence with which you'd present your experimental results.

I recently read a book called "The Smart Woman's Guide to Interviewing and
Salary Negotiation" by J. A.  King.  Look it up at a local bookstore, it
addresses the same issues you just voiced, plus a lot more good stuff (all 
the way from how to approach a company, even if you have never had a job
before, to how to make sure you get a raise when the time comes!)

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