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Please give me some advice

desidia at community.net desidia at community.net
Tue Jun 13 18:28:51 EST 1995

This does not exactly belong here, but i couldn't find a more appropriate
newsgroup, and i know many professionals read this group.

I work in the R&D department of a large food manufacturing company. 
Recently i attended a luncheon in honor of some guests (clients and
distributors).  One of my coworkers was invited too.  The guests were very
curious about the different aspects of our research, and they asked many
questions.  I don't know how the conversation took the turn it did, but
all of a sudden my coworker was enumerating the vicepresident's
personality flaws.  Then she complained about the contamination problems
we have had after the vp insisted on implementing a new screening

I can understand the need of "venting off" your frustrations with your
friends, maybe over pizza and beer, but to do that in the presence of
clients, while having lunch on the premises is outrageous!  I was
mortified, and did not know what to do.  I have to admit i do not have
many miles when it comes to job situations, as i recently graduated from
college.  I would like to know what would you have done, and what would
you do now.  My coworker attends quite a number of events each year, and
this kind of unprofessional behavior reflects poorly on everyone at work. 
Should i say something to her?  Should i say something to my boss (my boss
is not the vp in question)?  Should i say something to her boss?  Should i
forget the whole deal? 

Any advice would be appreciated. 



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