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Revised (26/6/95) PG-IV Draft Program

Stephen R. Heller srheller at ORIGIN.NALUSDA.GOV
Thu Jun 29 10:51:00 EST 1995

26 June, 1995

                         DRAFT for PG-IV
                       January 14-18, 1996

     Welcome to the latest draft of the Plant Genome IV 
conference.  Based on the successes of the first three PG
meetings, some minor adjustments and fine-tuning is being done to
make PG-IV an even better meeting.

     The abstracts from the PG-I, PG-II, and PG-III meetings are
now available on the Internet.  Gopher to "probe.nalusda.gov" or
use a WWW client to view:
     In either case, the abstracts appear on the menu and have
been WAIS indexed for convenient searching. 

     The planned changes for PG-IV are based upon the very
positive and useful feedback from many of the 650+ people who
attended PG-III in January 1995.

     All administrative questions should be addressed to Darrin
Scherago at Scherago International Inc., 11 Penn Plaza, Suite
1003, New York, NY 10001.  Their phone number is 212-643-1750
(FAX number is 212-643-1758) and their Internet e-mail address is
SCHERAGO at BIOTECHNET.COM.  Scherago International is the
conference organizer for PG-IV.

     Participants are invited to submit abstracts for the poster
session either in hard copy (printed form) or by e-mail (see
Appendix A for details).  There were over 290 posters at PG-III. 
Additional space has been obtained to handle even more posters at
PG-IV.  This year the abstract forms will have an improved set of
categories to assure your poster talk is properly handled.  The
printed abstract forms are now available from Scherago

     All abstracts will be reviewed.  The normal review turn-
around time will be within two weeks of receipt of the abstract. 
This year all abstracts should be submitted to: PG-IV Abstracts,
USDA National Agriculture Library, Beltsville, MD 20705. 
Scherago International will notify you of the acceptance of your
abstract(s).  Abstracts may be submitted on printed forms
available from Scherago or by e-mail (pg4form at probe.nalusda.gov). 
E-mail abstracts should be sent to PGIV-
abstracts at probe.nalusda.gov or submitted via the WWW PG-IV
abstract form available by connecting to: 


     See Appendix A for details. Please note: ABSTRACTS NOT

     All accepted abstracts will be included in the final printed
program.  The poster board size at the meeting is 4 feet (1.22
meters) high by 6 feet (1.83 meters) wide.  The abstract
submission deadline is 1 November, 1995.  Printed abstract forms
are available from Scherago International. Please contact them by
phone, FAX, e-mail, or regular post to obtain abstract forms.

Location:      Town & Country Hotel
               500 Hotel Circle North
               San Diego, CA 92108

               Phone: 1-619-291-7131 
                 or   1-800-772-8527
               FAX:   1-619-291-3584
    (15 minutes by taxi or Cloud-9 Shuttle from the airport).

     For 1996 the hotel room rate will be $72.00 per night
(single or double occupancy) plus tax.  You must contact the
hotel directly for room reservations. All hotel deposits and
payments must be sent directly to the Town & Country hotel.
Scherago International does not handle the hotel reservations! 
Be sure to mention the PG-IV meeting so you will get the
conference hotel rate of $72.00.

Cost: The cost of registration for PG-IV will remain the          
      same as for PG-III.

          $ 300.00 advance registration 
                    postmarked by 15 November 1995 
          $ 350.00 if postmarked after 15 November 1995
                    and on-site in San Diego
          $ 100.00 Student (Pre-Ph.D) Registration
               (Requires a letter of certification from your 
                    department chairperson.)

     All payments MUST be in US dollars.  

     Scherago International does not accept any credit cards for
payment of the registration fee.  

     Send your payment by a check drawn on a US bank to:

          Scherago International, Inc.
          11 Penn Plaza
          Suite 1003
          New York, NY 10001

     If you do not have a US bank check, you may send the
registration fee by a wire transfer to Chemical Bank.  The wire
transfer MUST have your name and organization and the Scherago
International Account number (see below) on the wire transfer,

          Chemical Bank
          640 Fifth Avenue
          New York, NY 10019 USA

          ABA# 021-000-128
          Account # 020-047-851
          Account Name:  Scherago International/Plant Genome

     (All registrations include one copy of the printed
conference abstracts, Sunday-Thursday continental breakfasts,
Sunday evening opening reception, Monday evening Wine & Cheese
Reception, and Wednesday evening dinner.)


     United Airlines is the official conference airline.  For
details on conference airfare discounts in the USA, please call
United Airlines at 1-800-521-4041. Outside the USA please call
your local United Airlines office.  The PG-IV conference code is:

Employment/Placement Office

     For PG-IV two message boards will be set aside in the foyer
area.  These message boards will be for posting of job openings
and for those looking for positions in the plant genome field.

PG-IV Meeting Outline
January 14-18, 1996

PG-IV Co-Chairpersons:

               Stephen Heller, USDA/ARS, Beltsville, MD, USA
                    (SRHELLER at NALUSDA.GOV)

               Jerome Miksche, USDA/ARS, Beltsville, MD, USA
                    (JMIKSCHE at NALUSDA.GOV)

               Michael Gale,  John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK
                    (JEFFERY at BBSRC.AC.UK)

               Susan McCouch, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
                    (SRM4 at CORNELL.EDU)

Conference Co-sponsors:
           USDA, ARS                         USDA, NAL
                      Rockefeller Foundation            
     International Society for Plant Molecular Biology (ISPMB)
               USDA, NRI Competitive Grants Office
                        John Innes Centre

Student Travel Grants

     The ISPMB is again sponsoring four (4) student travel grant
awards of $250.00 each.  For details please contact Dr. Susan
McCouch by e-mail (SRM4 at CORNELL.EDU).

Computer Room

     There will be computer system demos available all week in
the "computer room" which is appended to the area where the
exhibits, coffee breaks, and posters are located.

    Computer Room Organizers: 

      J. Michael Cherry  (CHERRY at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU)
      Brad Sherman       (BKS at S27W007.PSWFS.GOV)

     Please contact any of the above three people should you wish
to demo any computer system and/or present an "electronic" poster
during the meeting.  Electronic posters will still require a
"normal", printed abstract forms, which can be obtained from
Scherago International.  Please note that any software which is
demonstrated at PG-IV must be available to the scientific

Sunday  -   Workshops (7)

Monday  -   AM  Session #1  -  Genomes and Diversity              
                               (1 Plenary + 3 lectures)
            PM  Session #2  -  Technology and Bioinformatics
                               (3 lectures)
            Evening - Reception

Tuesday   - AM  Session #3 -  Hosts, Pathogens, and Interactions
                               (1 Plenary + 2 lectures)
            PM  Computer Workshop
                      (number of talks - to be announced)
            Evening - Workshops (2)

Wednesday - AM  Session #4  - Comparative Mapping
                                (1 Plenary + 2 lectures)

            AM  Session #5  -  Gene & Chromosome Organization
                               (3 lectures)

            PM  Workshops (3)
            Evening - Dinner

Thursday  - All day Session #6  - Applications of Molecular       
                         Markers in Breeding
                                (1 Plenary + 6 lectures)


     3:00 pm -   6:00 pm    Registration in the Atlas Foyer


     8:00 am -   5:00 pm    Registration in the Atlas Foyer

Sunday All Day Workshops:


     9 am - 6 pm -  International Consortium for Sugar Cane 
                    Organized by James Irvine      CONFIRMED!!
                    (J-IRVINE at TAMU.EDU)


     9 am - 6 pm  Forest Tree Genome - Parts  1 & 2 
                  Organized by Dave Neale          CONFIRMED!!
                  (DBN at S27W007.PSWFS.GOV)

Sunday Workshops:

Workshop #3

    9:00 am - 11:30 am   Maize  
                     Organized by Mike McMullen    CONFIRMED!!    

Workshop #4

   12:00     - 2:30 pm   Rice                      CONFIRMED!! 
                     Organized by Susan McCouch, et. al.
                 (SRM4 at CORNELL.EDU)

Workshop #5
   12:00     - 2:30 pm   Cotton 
                     Organized by Andy Paterson    CONFIRMED!!
                 (AHP2343 at BIOCH.TAMU.EDU)

Workshop #6

   3:00 pm   - 5:30 pm   Arabidopsis  
                     Organized by Caroline Dean   CONFIRMED!!
                 (ARABIDOPSIS at BBSRC.AC.UK)

Workshop #7
   3:00 pm   - 5:30 pm   Soybeans/Legumes
                     Organized by Randy Shoemaker  CONFIRMED!!
                  (RCSSHOE at IASTATE.EDU)

Evening -   Welcome Reception - Atlas Foyer
   7:00 pm  -  9:00 pm


     7:00 am -   5:00 pm    Registration in the Atlas Foyer

     7:00 am  -  8:15 am    Continental Breakfast - Atlas Foyer

     8:15 am  -  8:30 am    Opening of PG-IV - Stephen Heller     
                                (SRHELLER at ORIGIN.NALUSDA.GOV)

  Session #1  -  Genomes and Diversity 

                    Chairperson: Gary McCone
                             (GMCCONE at NALUSDA.GOV)

      8:30 am  -  9:30 am    Plenary Lecture - 
                          Stephen J. O'Brien
                              NIH, NCI
                            Title:  TBA
                           (E-mail - None)
      9:30 am  - 10:00 am    Lecture #1 - TBA
      9:30 am  -  4:30 pm    Exhibits Open

     10:00 am  - 11:00 am    Coffee/Tea Break

     11:00 am  - 11:30 am    Lecture #2 -  
                              Stephen Harris
                             Oxford University
                 "Genetic Diversity in Semi-Arid Tree Legumes"

     11:30 am  - Noon        Lecture #3 - TBA
     Noon      -  1:30 pm    Lunch

     1:30 pm  -  3:30 pm    Posters (Odd numbered) 
                            Exhibits & Computer Demos

                            Coffee/Soda will be available
                              from 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

  Session # 2 -  Technology and Bioinformatics
                            Chairperson: Leland Ellis

     3:30 pm  -  4:00 pm    Lecture #4 - 
                             John Armour
                             Title:  TBA
                            (E-mail - ???)

     4:00 pm  -  4:30 pm    Lecture #5 - TBA

     4:30 pm  -  5:00 pm    Lecture #6
                           Radoje Drmanac
                             Hyseq Inc.
                   "Mutation Screening and DNA Sequencing by the  
                    First Generation Super Chips"
                          (RADE at SBH.COM)

     6:00 pm  -  8:00 pm    Wine & Cheese Reception - Atlas Foyer


     7:30 am -   5:00 pm    Registration in the Atlas Foyer

     7:30 am  -  8:30 am    Continental Breakfast - Atlas Foyer

  Session #3  -  Hosts, Pathogens and Diseases

                    Chairperson:  Gary H. Toenniessen
                      The Rockefeller Foundation

     8:30 am  -  9:30 am    Plenary Lecture -  
                           Brian Staskawicz
                            UC - Berkeley
                      (STASK at GARNET.BERKELEY.EDU)
                            Title:  TBA

     9:30 am  - 10:00 am    Lecture #7 -
                            Sally A. Leong
                             USDA, PDRRU
                           (SAL at PLANTPATH.WISC.EDU)
                     "The avrC039 Locus of Rice Blast Fungus      
                              Magnaporthe Grisea"
    10:00 am  - 11:00 am    Coffee/Tea Break 

    11:00 am  - 11:30 am    Lecture #8 - 
                              Jan Leach
                          Kansas State University
                            Title - TBA
                        (JELEACH at PLANTPATH.PP.KSU.EDU)

    11:30 am   - 1:30 pm    Lunch

     1:30 pm  -  3:30 pm    Posters (Even numbered) &
                            Exhibits & Computer Demos

                            Coffee/Soda will be available
                              from 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

     Afternoon - Computer Tools & Resources
                    3:30 pm - 6 pm

     Organized by:  J. Michael Cherry, Stanford University
                    (CHERRY at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU)

     7:30 pm  - 10:00 pm    Open Cash Bar - Atlas Foyer
                                 and Workshops

Workshops:   8:00 - 10:30 pm

Workshop #8- IGGI                           CONFIRMED!!!
                 Michael Gale, John Innes Centre
                    (JEFFERY at BBSRC.AC.UK)
                   Calvin Qualset
                  (ITMI at UCDAVIS.EDU)

                Jeff Bennetzen, Purdue
                (MAIZE at BILBO.BIO.PURDUE.EDU)

Workshop #9- Abiotic Stress
                  Henry Nguyen                CONFIRMED!!
                  (BWHTN at TTACS.TTU.EDU)


     7:30 am -   5:00 pm    Registration in the Atlas Foyer

     7:30 am  -  8:15 am    Continental Breakfast - Atlas Foyer

Session #4  - Comparative Mapping

                  Chairperson:  Mark Sorrells, Cornell

     8:15 am  -  9:00 am    Plenary Lecture - 
                              Ronald Phillips
                           University of Minnesota
                        "Extensions of Comparative Mapping"
                            (PHILL005 at MAROON.TC.UMN.EDU)

     9:00 am  -  9:30 am    Lecture # 9 
                           Jean Christophe Glaszmann
                       "The Genome of Modern Sugarcane Cultivars"
                          (GLASZMANN at CIRAD.FR)

     9:30 am  - 10:00 am    Lecture #10 - 
                              Derek Lydiate
                             Title:  TBA
                            (LYDIATE at BBSRC.AC.UK)

    10:00 am  - 11:00 am    Coffee/Tea Break    

    11:00 am  - 11:30 am    Lecture #11 - 
                        John S. (Pat) Heslop-Harrison
                      "Comparative Analysis of Plant 
                           Genome Architecture"
                             Title:  TBA
                          (HHARRISON at BBSRC.AC.UK)

    9:30 am  -  4:30 pm    Exhibits Open (Last day for exhibits)

    11:30 am  - 12:30 pm    Lunch

Session #5  Gene and Chromosome Organization

                            Chairperson: TBA

    12:30 pm  -  1:00 pm    Lecture #12 - 
                            Brian Larkins
                         University of Arizona
                           (LARKINS at AG.ARIZONA.EDU)
                     "Molecular Genetic Approaches for Developing 
                            Quality Protein Maize"

     1:00 pm  -  1:30 pm    Lecture #13 - 
                           Elizabeth H. Blackburn
                            UC - San Francisco
                          (PORTER at ITSA.UCSF.EDU)
                        "Telomeres and Telomerases"

     1:30 pm  -  2:00 pm    Lecture #14 - 
                           Margorie Matzke
                Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna
                 "Homology-Depent Gene Silencing in 
                     Transgenic Tobacco Plants"
                         (mmatzke at oeaw.ac.at)

     2:00 pm  -  4:00 pm    Posters (Odd numbered) &
                            Exhibits & Computer Demos

                            Coffee/Soda will be available
                              from 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

     4:00 pm  -  6:30 pm    Workshops

Workshop #10- Nomenclature                CONFIRMED!!!
                Carl Price
              (PRICE at MBCL.RUTGERS.EDU)
                 and Ellen Readon
              (REARDON at MBCL.RUTGERS.EDU)

Workshop #11 - ITMI                        CONFIRMED!!!

Michael Gale, John Innes Centre
                    (JEFFERY at BBSRC.AC.UK)


                Jeff Bennetzen, Purdue
                (MAIZE at BILBO.BIO.PURDUE.EDU)

Workshop #12 - Fruit Tree
                Norman Weeden              CONFIRMED!!!

Workshop #13 - Barley
                Patrick Hayes              CONFIRMED!!
           (HAYESP at CSS.ORST.EDU)

     7:00 pm  -  9:00 pm    Conference Dinner,
                              Presidio Ballroom


     7:30 am -   4:00 pm    Registration in the Atlas Foyer

     7:30 am  -  8:30 am    Continental Breakfast - Atlas Foyer

  Session #6  - Applications of Molecular Markers in Breeding

                    Chairperson: Charles W. Stuber

     8:30 am  -  9:30 am    Plenary Lecture -  
                           Caroline O'Neill
                              Title: TBA
                              (no e-mail)
     9:30 am  - 10:00 am    Lecture #15 - 
                           Danny Alexander
                          (ALEXANDER at AM.ABRU.CG.COM)
                  "Marker-Assisted Maize Breeding 
                        in the Real World"

    10:00 am  - 11:00 am    Coffee/Tea Break

    11:00 am  - 11:30 am    Lecture #16 - 
                            Rebecca Nelson
                             Title: TBA
                            (Email - ???)

    11:30 pm  - 12:00 noon  Lecture #17 - TBA

    12:00 noon - 1:30 pm    Lunch

     1:30 pm  -  3:30 pm    Posters (Even numbered) &
                            Exhibits & Computer Demos

                            Coffee/Soda will be available
                              from 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

     3:30 pm  -  4:00 pm    Lecture #18  - 
                              John Snape
                             Title: TBA
                         (SNAPE at BBSRC.AC.UK) 

     4:00 pm  -  4:30 pm    Lecture #19  - 
                               David Hoisington
                             CIMMYT International
                         "Application of Molecular Markers for    
                       Improving Drought and Insect Resistance
                               in Tropical Maize"
                         (DHOISINGTON at ALPHAC.CIMMYT.MX)

     4:30 pm  -  5:00 pm    Lecture #20  - TBA

     5:00 pm  -  5:30 pm    Lecture #21
                              Martin Ganal 
                      "Isolation and Characterization of Wheat    
                           Microsatallite Markers"
                            (E-mail - ???)

     5:30 pm  -  5:35 pm    Closing Remarks - 
                                 Stephen Heller
                            (SRHELLER at ORIGIN.NALUSDA.GOV)
                                 Jerome Miksche
                            (JMIKSCHE at ORIGIN.NALUSDA.GOV)

Appendix A:  Abstract Information

Information Required:

Name of presenter
Abstract (maximum of 250 words)
Type of Abstract: Workshop/Speaker/Poster/Computer (W/S/P/C)

     Please note: Workshop and speaker abstracts are not
presented in the exhibit hall. Computer demonstration posters
(category 10 listed below) are also NOT presented in the exhibit
hall.  Poster boards will be allocated only for Poster and
Computer abstracts (Categories 1-9 listed below) which will be
presented in the exhibit hall.  If you want to have both a
workshop/speaker talk and a poster, submit two separate and
different abstracts, properly labeled.

     Submitting a Category 10 computer abstract means that either
the program or system you are presenting is either on a computer
at the PG-IV computer room or is accessed via the Internet.

  1. Sequencing & EST's
  2. Large Insert Libraries, Gene Isolation, Etc.
  3. Marker Systems and Diversity:
     a. General
     b. SSR's
     c. RAPD's
     d. AFLP's
     e. Other________________
  4. Cytology, in situ and microcloning
  5. Mapping & Tagging:
     a. General Comparative
     b. Rice
     c. Wheat, Barley, Rye, Oat
     d. Maize, Sorghum, Sugar Cane
     e. Brassicas, Arabidopsis
     f. Legumes, Soybeans, Common Beans
     g. Tomato, Potato, Pepper
     h. Fruit Trees
     i. Forest Trees
     j. Other Species_________________      
  6. Transformation
  7. Genes & Pathways
  8. Other_____________________
  9. Computers (Not a demonstration)
     a. Databases 
     b. Genome Software
 10. Computer Demonstrations (This means the abstract will be in  
     final program, but the poster will not be given poster board 
     a. Databases
     b. Genome Software

1. Printed forms available from Scherago.
2. WWW template available at NAL.
3. E-mail abstracts to NAL probe machine (must be only in ascii).


     Please do NOT submit a paper form for your abstract if you
have access to electronic mail on the Internet or a World Wide
Web (WWW) browser with forms capability (e.g., Mosaic, Netscape,
Lynx).  Your abstract will appear faster on the network and will
not have errors introduced by scanning the paper abstract form. 
You may also save yourself some time.

     Send a mail message to pg4form at probe.nalusda.gov - a blank
form will be returned by e-mail.  The message does not need a
subject or a body.  Fill out the form following the instructions
included with the form.  Send the completed electronic form to
PGIV-abstracts at probe.nalusda.gov.  To submit via the WWW browser:
Point your browser to:  http://probe.nalusda.gov:8000   
and follow the instructions.


     Title in Capitals, Author(s) name (surname, first name) and
affiliation in upper and lower case.  If multiple authors, please
underline the Presenting Author's name(s).  Multiple presenting
authors are ONLY for poster abstracts (categories 1-9). Single
space all typing. The text of the abstract should be a single
paragraph starting with a three (3) space indentation. Do NOT use
a dot matrix printer.  Do NOT send the abstract by FAX, we MUST
received the original.

Appendix B: Contact Information

1. Abstract Forms 
2. Registration Forms/Information
3. Conference Hotel Information
4. Exhibit Information
5. Employment Office

Town & Country
1. Hotel Registration
2. Hotel deposits and payments.

Susan McCouch (SRM4 at CORNELL.EDU)
1. ISPBM Travel Grant Information

Stephen Heller (SRHELLER at NALUSDA.GOV)
1. Workshop Requests

Douglas Bigwood (DBIGWOOD at NALUSDA.GOV)
1. Electronic Abstracts

Steve Heller, USDA, ARS, Plant Genome Program
Bldg. 005, Room 337
Beltsville, MD 20705-2350
E-Mail: srheller at nalusda.gov
Phone: 301-504-6055  FAX:  301-504-6231

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