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What is wrong here

Kay Lancaster kay at hub.fern.com
Fri Nov 14 16:34:56 EST 1997

On 14 Nov 1997 17:13:33 GMT, sunny N stewart <sunnyesq at ix.netcom.com> wrote:
>I really valued this newsgroup because it afforded me the pleasure of
>intelligent and timely discussions regarding issues of import.  I have
>now reached my limit with the sexually explicit spamming and all the
>other crap that is stuck on here what can I/we do to get this newsgroup
>back on track??

Several months ago, I had some correspondence with the new bionet
hosts regarding the amount of spam on the groups, and was told that
robo-moderation to remove spam should be up in a few weeks.  A month
or so  after that, I had the same conversation again.  I think the
last conversation was 6+ weeks ago.

Is there interest in turning bionet.women-in-bio into a moderated
newsgroup?  The sort of moderation I have in mind is to remove the
spam, ads, and make-money-fast schemes, and return to our original
charter.  I'm not sure what the exact procedures are -- in the big 8
newsgroups it would require discussion and voting.  But if others
are interested in it, I'll find out.  I'll also volunteer to be
primary moderator, but we'd need a second moderator for times when
my link goes down, or I'm traveling (shouldn't be doing much of
that before late spring).  

The advantages of moderation are that the signal to noise ratio
goes way up.  The disadvantages are that nothing gets posted until
it clears a moderator -- normally within 24 hours. (I'm usually on
several times a day, anyhow.)  

Opinions, please?

Kay Lancaster    kay at fern.com

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