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Sun Nov 16 19:54:45 EST 1997

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Michelle Garrison wrote:
> I've seen this problem in lab classes, too -- I would say that it is the
> worst in physics classes, then chemistry, and finally bio.  I think this
> ordering has a lot to do with the varying degrees of numerical and
> observational data in those classes.
> In my chem labs as an undergrad (especially in organic), they had
> "foil mechanisms" to prevent things like that from happening.  For
> example, you turned in your final product/sample at the end of lab
> and the TA would randomly (?) pick one or two and analyze them and
> check them against the data those students reported.  OR, they would
> give each student a slightly different unknown, so that the students would
> only come up with the correct answer through careful and independent work.

When I took OChem lab, the prof who was suppossed to be the teacher, who 
never was there, kept giving the same assignments for years!! There were 
at least half of the student sin my lab section who had copies of 
friends, and even siblings who had taken it years before hand and never 
were caught! This is because they usually asked the same questions over 
and over. 

What I got out of it was the if the prof isn't putting in the effort why 
should we? 

I know I"m goign to get a  lot of flack on that question, but seriously, 
if the prof isn't going to even be in the class to teach, can't revise 
the syllabus, ask different questions, or even lead us in the right 
direction, students are left with "If he/she doesn't care, then they 
won't care if we cheat."

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