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Cynthia M. Galloway c-galloway at TAIU.EDU
Mon Nov 17 13:51:59 EST 1997

I was just talking to the Asst. Dean today and was told of a situation in
another department.  A professor had required his students to turn in a
paper at the end of their exam for inclusion in their exam grade.  Five
students did not turn the paper in at that time and tried to turn it in
later.  The professor did not acceppt the late paper and the students got
either D's or F's.  Two of the students filed a grievance and the professor
was told by the Administration that he had to grade all five papers.  At
best, the students who filed the grievance will make a D and a C.  If this
is the case, they will file another grievance.  We have been told by our
President that students are our customers and, you guessed it, the customer
is always right.  That only seems to apply here, because in places of
business, the customer is rarely right and is told this.  

I have a student who turns in his lab exercises late and I have not graded
them for the last three weeks.  He has said nothing to me but, his
girlfriend is coming down hard on the secretary because the girlfriend gives
her boyfriends labs to the secretary to put in my mailbox and she is
convinced the secretary is not doing this since her boyfriend is not getting
his labs back.  The girlfriend is not in my class.  I'm just waiting for the
student to come in.

It doesn't seem to be all that bad here, since reading all the other posts.
It's not good but, there doesn't seem to be anywhere where it is really
good.  I have two undergrads doing research and one just can't seem to wait
to come to lab and do work.  That's who I'm teaching for and who makes
teaching worth while.  One really good student does wonders to make the
other 60-100 bearable.


Dr. Cynthia M. Galloway
Assoc. Professor of Biology
Dept. of Biology
Campus Box 158
Texas A&M University
Kingsville, TX 78363


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