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C.J. Fuller cjfuller at mindspring.com
Tue Nov 18 07:26:49 EST 1997

In article <bmartin-1711970933590001 at bmartin.utmem.edu>,
bmartin at utmem1.utmem.edu wrote:

>Frankly, the posts on spelling corrections echo this problem.  Were the
>students with good lab reports praised?  Were only the poorer students
>chosen for follow up comments?  Students of all ages will quickly blow off
>comments they are not interested in hearing.  Likewise, almost all age
>groups still repsond to praise and work harder to get more.  Sure, correct
>the spelling, recommned remedial work, but most importantly praise the
>B. Martin

I do lavish praise on my students when they deserve it, even the ones who
struggle all semester and can only muster a C- in the course.  I had the
same group of students for both semesters last year (and some of them this
fall as well).  Over two semesters they went from people only capable of
rote memorization to nutritionists who could think through a problem

The problems with spelling and grammar will haunt these students for the
rest of their lives if they don't get help.  Would you hire a person for a
faculty position at your school if her or his letter of application was
riddled with typos?  Or if the job talk she/he gave was incoherent?  The
ability to communicate is vital in this society.


C.J. Fuller
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