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S L Forsburg forsburg at nospamsalk.edu
Tue Nov 18 16:07:18 EST 1997

> Re: spelling....knowledge
> Wildcatz (abe at U.Arizona.EDU)
>  I
> think there are several issues at play here. One is that a lot of the
> big  state universities like the Univ of Arizona that I go to - 
> the focus on research  for  professors and grad students - 
> so it leaves us wondering where our  money  is going, since 
> we are here for an education. 

Ah, this is a whole 'nother problem.  Fact is, it is to the
university's considerable financial advantage to focus on research,
because research bring in cash for the university.  Overhead dollars
are a nice source of income that can be used in many ways--for every
dollar the PI spends on funding the science in her lab, the Univ
may get 30,50, 80 cents or even more!  That is a cash cow that most
universities want. Also, the alumni want their University to have
prestige, and that is determined in part by its research efforts--
their faculty appearing in the media with a great discovery.

Sadly, often the best researchers make the worst teachers.  And
while good research can get you hired and promoted in the absence
of any teaching, good teaching is seldom rewarded.  As they say, 
publish or perish.

Yet another conflict with the goals of higher educ ation and the
old-style research university.  

Everything, it seems, boils down to money.  So much for intellectual

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