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Karen Allendoerfer wrote:
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> One person on this thread also mentioned a professor who gave the same
> problems year after year, who didn't really put in the time himself for
> the class.  That reminded me of some physics labs I took that were, for
> the students, a time marathon.  There were no written lab reports later,
> instead, one's notebook was graded.  One ended up rushing through the thing
> in the three hours allotted, trying to finish it.  That may have kept
> "cheating" to a minimum, but it didn't very well simulate what goes on
> in the lab.

I have to 'me too' this one! In my physics courses, we had 2 hours to 
finish our labs. I felt completly rushed and so did our TA's. They ended 
up practically giving us the answers just so that we would finish and 
we'd stop bugging them! My group & I always got at least a 9/10 on them, 
but did we really know how to apply that? Not really.

And if we had taken our time to really learn it in the lab (isn't that 
what's lab for?) we would had only gotten half way through and gotten 
5's. And belive me those 9's and 10's really helped in the end. Physics 
was not my strong point.

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