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Mary Ann Sesma msesma at ZEUS.BELL.K12.CA.US
Fri Nov 28 10:40:15 EST 1997

> Science has become unnecessarily hypercritical.  WHen was the
> last time you read a nice review of your grant or your paper?
> Reviewers seem to feel the need to criticize SOMETHING, leading
> to unnecessary nitpicks.  Unfortunately, they
> seem to be constitutively unable to say, This was a nice piece
> of work and should be published/funded/whatever.  Along with
> this chronic negativity comes a lack of civility.

YES,  I agree.  Last June, three teacher, I and two college professors (all
of whom had had previously funded grants from this agency)  turned in a
grant to an unnamed federal agency.    The grant had been requested by this
agency.  We wrote it to our best ability-and it was turned down with some
incredibily racists remarks re : Latinos. and their lack of achievement in
science, math and technology.    Now I am NOT  beating the drum  for
Latinos, but I am beating the drum for reviewers who need to take their
reviews to heart, correctly spell them, and give a balanced review.  Since
I reviewed for this same agency a long time ago--I  am dismayed by the
hypercritical behavior  of the reviewers, and the almost insolent
terminalogy that is used in the written reviews.  YES, I can deal with
criticism, but it does not have to plunge a dagger into the heart and when
it is real.     The reviewers hide behind anonymity--which is dangerous in

Mary Ann Sesma

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