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Evans Kelly L 4klt5 at qlink.queensu.ca
Sat Apr 4 01:00:18 EST 1998

Ann Magnuson (ann.magnuson at biokem.lu.se) wrote:
: Flame me if you like for this idea, I really hope I'm wrong, and I 
: really want to hear your views!

My view is that women are more in tune to the bulls***t in the the system
and ask "why are we doing this?" and then "we don't need this". I know I
have said these things myself, and really don't want an academic career.
Part of me has the feeling that I'm going to end up in an academic career
whether I want to or not, kicking and screaming the whole way.

Once I decided I'm not keen on an academic career I have been looking
around at other options, but the future is just so far away at this point.
I think men feel that they have to have a "career" for their families and
such, whereas women have more freedom in career choices, often deciding to
have kids and explore other options. I know of a male postdoc once who got
a lot of ribbing for wanting to stay home with his baby daughter, whereas
a married, female postdoc is expected to get pregnant and quit in the near
future. Point is, that it is OK for female scientists to take a few years
off to raise a family, where it is not OK for male scientists.

I'd be interested in knowing not only where everyone is but what choices
got them there. And if they are happy with their decisions. I am not
convinced that the lack of women faculty is due to discrimination alone. I
think many factors are involved, including those that Ann mentions, where
self-selection prevents women from applying to faculty jobs in the first

who is also approaching this discussion with an open mind and would love
to hear other points of view.

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