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Mary Ann's Letter

S L Forsburg forsburg at nospamsalk.edu
Fri Apr 10 01:12:55 EST 1998

Mary Ann proposes a well-organized plan to carry out the research
project I posted.  I enthusiastically support her!  While my time
is limited and I am not an appropriate member for the core 
Collaborative, I would be very happy to participate as a member
of the "advisory committee" and use my contacts, such as they are, to
help out.

This project can really happen if we all particpate. First,
do people agree that this should happen?  What about the choice
of schools, which would  cover private and public,  keep the
dataset manageable, and make it possible to geta complete set?  
I think it's well chosen, and hits the correct marks.  (People
should not be insulted if their school was left out;  this
is only a representative study, not a complete one.  Maybe this 
will end up being a pilot study for a more complete effort in 
the future!) 

And, as Mary Ann mentioned, the most important aspect is volunteers,
especially the following

1) Local contact.  It would be very useful if people currently
in th target universities (students, postdocs, faculty, whatever)
could volunteer to help--for example,
making a first contact with a graduate secretary to see if
names and contact addresses for individual classes would be

2) Alumni contact. Graduates of the chosen insitutions
who would be willing to help personalize the questionnaire for their
classmates and department.  (For example, I will help track down
MIT entering class of '84, and others if I can).

If we phrase it right, departments may also be very interested in our
study.  Most Institutions have high regard for their graduate program
and I think would like to see data of what happens to their alumni.
If we provide the legwork, and send them the results, they may be
very willing to help us find people.

Is this the first Internet Collective Research Project in Biology?


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