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Mary Ann's letter

Megan Igo megan at ucla.edu
Fri Apr 10 15:58:00 EST 1998

>And, as Mary Ann mentioned, the most important aspect is volunteers,
>especially the following
>1) Local contact.  It would be very useful if people currently
>in th target universities (students, postdocs, faculty, whatever)
>could volunteer to help--for example,
>making a first contact with a graduate secretary to see if
>names and contact addresses for individual classes would be
I am a current graduate student at UCLA - pretty big program here in
Biology... actually, there are dozens of departments that are involved in
graduate research in the incredibly broad field of "biology", I am
wondering how this aspect of the sudy proposed will be handled.  I am sure
this is not the only uni with too many departments to count (from
departments in the Medical School, Dental school, as well as many other
departments which are in College of Letters and Science) - how is it
decided which departments will be surveyed from any school?  do we just
take the info from whatever departments we can get it from?

Anyway, I am in the School of Medicine, Department of Microbiology and
Immunology - I can find out what info I can get regarding early 80's
graduate students from my department for this if anyone is interested in
graduates from UCLA.

I am interested in this project - the numbers of women in my bio classes as
well as TAs since undergrad have always been about half, someimes more, but
I do not see this translating into faculty positions.  I expected that by
this time in my gad school career, I would be seeing more and more women
faculty being hired, but it is not the case.  In my dept there are two
women (maybe 25 faculty total).  Both are relatively recent hires, one got 
tenure a couple years ago, I think the other will be coming up for review in 
a year or two.  Meanwhile, I do not see many women being recruited in other 
departments either.  I dont understand this exactly, unless women are 
opting out of academics- and who can blame them?  Academic research is a
thing.  But I am very curious to know where they all are going.

So please contact me if you are interested in info from UCLA.

Megan Igo
lowly grad student 
megan at ucla.edu
UCLA, School of Medicine, Department of Microbiology and Immunology

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