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Question: Blood (serum) clots - Help!

ldavison at pop.uky.edu ldavison at pop.uky.edu
Thu Apr 23 00:48:42 EST 1998

Thanks for the reply:)
   We've tried letting the blood clot for different times and there seems to
be little difference. Interestingly, the problem seems to be greater during
the wintertime, suggesting that temperature should have an effect - but I
hesitate to "warm" my wintertime samples!:)
   EDTA is also a problem for one of our assays - forget which one - so that
one's out as well. I'm looking into a variety of suggestions that I've
received thanks to this and other groups. Hope one or more prove useful!:)

Thanks!   -Laurie-

In article <Pine.SGI.3.91.980421194228.7920C-100000 at umbi.umd.edu>,
  Kimberly Walker <walker at umbi.umd.edu> wrote:
> When I was a med tech, and we had those problems, we allowed the natural
> clot to form longer.  So, RT for, say, 2 hours, then overnight in the
> refrigerator.
> Could you use EDTA or something?
> Good luck
> Kim

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