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S L Forsburg forsburg at nospamsalk.edu
Fri Apr 24 16:07:00 EST 1998

> From: Mary Ann Sesma <msesma at zeus.bell.k12.ca.us>

> Recently the Career Questionnaire (Rough Draft) was posted. Many responses
> have been received that indicate the we are on the "right" tract, but want
> the questionnaire amplified. Only 1 reponse has been received from a male.
> It would be great if all the male lurkers on the list could give us some
> input. This is not a female gender questionnaire only.

Mary Ann and I have discussed this by private email.  While I agree
that there is more information we would like, for this study
to be helpful it must have high rates of return--that is, it
must not be so long nor intrusive that it provokes the recipient
to throw it in the trash.  I put it through my busy PI test--
I'm in the middle of writing a grant and teaching.  How much time
would I be willing to put into a questionnaire from strangers?
I think that it would be reasonable to send the short form, and
ask if the returner would be willing to answer  a longer form. But
I feel strongly that we not make this a burden because if only a
few people return it, we have no statistical significance and
have accomplished very little by our efforts.

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