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Wed Apr 29 12:21:01 EST 1998

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  sunny N stewart <sunnyesq at ix.netcom.com> wrote:
> I just wanted to say that many times women, such as myself for example,
> leave the sciences to pursue peripheral careers, such as patent law.  I
> found it more fullfilling, more lucrative and I achieved more success in a
> shorter period of time, had I been in the lab I fear this would not have
> been the case at all!!
> Sunny Stewart
> sunnyesq at ix.netcom.com

As one who made her own foray into a peripheral career, I completely agree
with all you wrote (which I believe applies to men as well as women). When we
read articles on the "exodus of women from science", it is difficult to not
get the impression that those who left the academic track somehow settled for
less or "leaked out of the pipeline," hardly a very positive metaphor. I don't
even like how the title of that article was "exodus from science," as if
people who choose non-academic science jobs (e.g. in industry) are somehow not
doing real science anymore.

I am working with Mary Ann Sesma on the questionnaire for Ph.D. recipients who
finished in 87-92. One of my goals is that the questionnaire be worded to
accommodate all career choices of respondees, and not pass on the message that
those who chose career paths outside of academia are somehow lesser achievers
(failures?) or aberrant in some way.

Congratualations on your successful career in patent law.

Megan Brown
mbrown at fred.fhcrc.org

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