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Anti iranian bias

sunny N stewart sunnyesq at ix.netcom.com
Wed Feb 3 01:28:58 EST 1999

I must disagree.  I have spent time in IRAN with my father (American
business man in the 70's).  The culture inherently treats women worse
than second class.  It treats them like dirt.  It is okay to kill your
sister or Mother if she is raped, because the rape brings digrace to your

It is okay in times of famine to starve your girl children so that there
is food for the male children.

So Sally, it may seem like it is merely right wing propaganda but I would 
rather take my chances with the average American mail and the American
legal system.


Sunny Stewart, Esq
sunnyesq at ix.netcom.com

n article < at pilot.msu.edu>,
	Sally Burns <burnssal at pilot.msu.edu> wrote:

>Dear list. 
>The seizure of power in Iran by rightwing religious fundamentalists does
>not mean all Iranians like or accept this government. I know many many
>iranians who took part in the struggle to overthrow the Shah, but in no
>supported the Khomeini faction that won power. Some were liberal
>others were left wing atheists. To describe arabs and iranians
>monolithically as conservative is B.S.  We need to dismiss the media
>of middle eastern people as the "other"- who we may bomb  at will.
>	 If Jerry Fallwel and the Christian Coalition took power here and
>dissidents, we as feminists would want the world to acknowledge our
>existence and struggles.   
>	If  I had a daughter, I would be very nervous if she married
>close to the typical american  male. A  multi -billion dollar porn
>does not  speak to a society respectful of women.  A president on trial
>lying, not sexual harassment, shows what is OK and not OK in our
>Thanks for listening.................Sally
>Sally Burns
>Center for Electron Optics
>B5 Pesticide Research Center
>Michigan State University
>East Lansing,  MI 48823
>(517) 355-5004    Phone
>(517) 353-5598    FAX
>burnssal at pilot.msu.edu


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