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science vs religion

Linnea Ista lkista at unm.edu
Sat Feb 6 16:57:17 EST 1999

Well, it depends on WHICH creation story you are talking about!!! :-) :-) 
The garden of eden, Shiva dancing the world into existance, Grandmother
Spider and her daughters singing it into existance, or the Rainbow Snake
dreaming the earth into existance?   Each would present a unique
challenge to integrate with evolution.

I think the important thing here is to point out that science is a process
of discovery and there are some things that science cannot address -such
as the existance or non existance of a deity.

I don't know if you want to get into this or not, but religion tends to
deal in symbols, whereas science in measurable fact.

You may also want to refer them to the Orgin of Species. In it Darwin
clearly states that he is explaining a method by which God created the
diversity of life we see! That's why I don't understand this bumper
sticker I see a lot that shows a gravestone with the slogan "Now even
Darwin knows".

Good luck!

On 4 Feb 1999, Signorelli wrote:

> New string ---
> I am teaching for the first time, a community college class on Human
> biology.  We just finished a section on evolution and I was STUNNED to
> discover that the majority of my class thinks that science is out to
> disprove religion.
>   There was nary a person in my class of 60 who thought that scientists
> could be Chrisitian.  I pointed out that scientists have more than
> enough inexplicable things to work on in the natural world without
> delving into the supernatural.
>   But, I was hoping that a scientist in this group, who has put together
> for themselves, a nuts and bolts explanation of how the creation story
> works into evolution could pass it to me.  Therefore, I could say in
> class ... "some scientists believe..."
>   Feel free to nail me if this is a bad idea.  My main goal is to give
> these students who are unaquainted with science an appreciation for
> science, especially biology.  I sure don't want them to think scientists
> are out to GET THEM.
>   Thanks for your help
>   Denise Signorelli PhD

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