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Karen Lee ktlee+ at pitt.edu
Thu Jan 28 16:43:35 EST 1999

Roxanne H. Fisher wrote:
> Dear all:
> I'm interviewing for a faculty position at a liberal arts college.  Does
> anyone have any hints or suggestions on interviewing?  How about job
> negotiating (assuming I get that far!)?
> Also, what is the URL of the launch page?
> Roxanne

At my last job somebody told me that they were usually impressed if the
candidate had done some "homework".  He meant that the candidate knew a lot
about the school, had read some papers published by people in the department
or at least knew their fields of expertise. Even knowing something about the
geographical area can make you look good.  I read whatever I could about
Pitt-Johnstown and Johnstown in general before I came here for my interview.
Several people were impressed by the fact that I came in having done a little
research first. Even just reading Peterson's Guide will give you some info.
The web is a great place, too.  If nothing else, you can get a sense of what
the place is like so that you don't say you will need a huge lab and $100,000
start up money at a place where nobody does research.  (Just an example.)

Beyond that, the rest is common sense. Try to anticipate some of the things
they will ask you, like "What other courses could you teach besides A, B or
C?" or "How much money would you need to get your research up and running?" I
got taken completely by surprise by a question at one interview and felt like
a dufus because I didn't have a good answer. 

Negotiating? Good question. I negotiated a small raise in salary here, but
only because they initially offered me less than I was making at my last job
and wanted me to do triple the teaching load. I was dismayed enough to ask for
more money.

My two cents, for what they're worth. Good luck job hunting.

Karen T. Lee

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