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C. J. Fuller cjfuller at mindspring.com
Mon May 3 00:12:27 EST 1999

In article <7BEA5F16B8 at cellbio.emory.edu>, DENISE at cellbio.emory.edu wrote:

>Hi, Folks,
>Well, I usually stay silent on this newsgroup, just reaping the benefits
of the advice that 
>comes through, but I can't help myself from bringing up this question today:
>Did anyone see "Ally McBeal" last night?  What did you think about the
case against the law 
>firm who removed their female associate from the "partner track" after
returning from 
>maternity leave because she just wasn't going to be able to "put in the hours"?
>I guess I bring this up because my husband and I had some diverging views
on this.  While I 
>can understand that if one was an employer for a job that requires around
the clock "on call" 
>status, a devoted mom might not be my first choice-candidate for the job,
but I think that 
>situation is a far cry from the prevailing "time" requirement that we put
on other jobs.
>Anyway, I don't want to get too wordy with my views on the subject.  I'm
just interested to 
>know what the rest of you think.

This is BLATANT sex discrimination, similar to, "Oh, a man has a family to
support.  We'll pay him more than the single/married/whatever woman, even
though she's much more qualified."  I saw of a lawsuit in NYS where a
teacher got a bad performance evaluation (her first) when she became
pregnant.  Noises were also made that she would not get tenure. 
Apparently the principal has a reputation for discriminating against
pregnant staff, but the current case is the first to be filed.


C.J. Fuller
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