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Manuscript fights

S L Forsburg nospamforsburg at salk.edu
Fri Nov 5 13:11:01 EST 1999

> From: "Pamela A. Norton" <pnorton at hendrix.jci.tju.edu>

> There is likely truth to the reports that papers authored by women
> are judged more harshly, and I have seen it reported (can't remember
> where) that women publish fewer but higher quality papers.

 What annoys me is the
patently biased reviews that clearly have another agenda--and/or
haven't read the paper.

ususally I attribute these to personal bias, rather than gender
discrimination.  Still,  I find it difficult to think that 
I've offended THAT many people.   I'm really very mild mannered. :-)

> My impression is that, as a junior investigator, or anyone outside of the
> influential circles of (largely male) editorial board members, you need
> to fight to get published. Literally - argue with editors and be a very
> aggressive advocate for one's work. I find this difficult, and I think
> that other women (and men) may share a distaste for this level of
> confrontation.

Oh yes, I think this is very true.  I have fought hard for our papers,
sometimes successfully, sometimes not.  Unfortunately, this has
probably given me a reputation as a bitch, where the guys are
just viewed as confident in their work.

>  It would be nice to think that our work stands (or
> falls) on its own merit, but unfortunately you need to market it
> against other "salesmen" competing for the same limited slots in the
> journal of your choice. 

One thing I've learned is that if you want the editor
to know something, you ahve to tell him--you can't wait
for the work to speak for itself.  My cover letters are
much more explicit now about why our work is important and 
should be published.

But we still ahve to fight.  :-(

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