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Truth or Dare???

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Tue Feb 22 03:27:33 EST 2000

Truth or Dare?

Okay so we can all admit whether under our breath or out loud that their
are several inequalities present between men and women, for instance,
women earn less than men, men are expected to work harder and longer
hours than women.
Now this may seem acceptable or tolerable to some but let's dig deeper.
Certain cultures portray that women remain virgins until they are
Certain cultures portray that women are possessions instead of human
beings or non- owned objects.

Women are to remain with one man at a given time and not to be too
Okay well, what about men? Men are expected and portrayed in certain
cultures to be possessive of women, flaunt their masculinity, flaunt
their penis' with whom they choose with no labels or consequences which
may cause the male to be shunned from society or the community.

It is agreed through a general consensus that these points are valid. 
Now let us tackle the issue of cheating. 
If a women were to cheat on their partner, they would be observed as
dirty, a cheap floozy, promiscuous, undeserving of that man.

At the same time, her male partner may view her in a different light, so
different that he may not carry the same respect for the women as he
earlier displayed.
This becomes so much of a matter that the male partner may end up
leaving the relationship because he cannot cope. 

On the other hand, males who cheat do not lose their name, their
involvements with the community nor with their friends.
As a matter of fact, women are generally conditioned that it is
acceptable, after learning of their husbands extra entanglements that
she can actually tolerate the action and keep the relationship alive.
The woman may even try's to take the "guilt" from the male to try by
nature to make things okay. 

Getting to the issue at hand, my question is that if both women and men
know that it is only by a small margin that a male actually and
genuinely stays faithful to one woman then why are we so angry when it
happens... surprised when it's slapped on our foreheads? Should women
accept this, well it is up to your personal flavor, but should we be
upset is the question?
Rather should the word be disappointed, disgusted, withdrawn, shamed for
the poor soul? 

What is it in the male hormone that cannot refrain from interacting with
every female that crosses his path? 
I have personally spoken with several men about this issue and it seems
like men will speak the truth when not in the sight of their partner. 

Well if temptation is a man's enemy and a women is a man's weakness then
we may surely complies with the Lord's wishes in terms of procreation,
but how do we as women satisfy ourselves, our health, our well- being
and our sanity? 

Do we let the cat out of the bag or do we continue to play Russian

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I have spoken

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