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Truth or Dare???

Paul S. Brookes. brookes at uab.edu
Fri Feb 25 15:29:21 EST 2000

So let me get this straight.  Your bottom line is that it's OK by society 
for men to be adulterous but not OK for women to do the same.   What 
century / civilisation / planet are you from?    For anyone with even an 
ounce of moral fibre (i.e. not magazine article writers, where most of this 
tosh comes from)  it is plainly obvious that adultery is just as much a sin 
for men as women.

Who do nearly all men that have extra-marital affairs actually have those 
affairs with - women who themselves are married!   It takes two to tango, 
with women being just as guilty as men.  Maybe the reason men interact with 
more women is that we're conditioned by society to be more outgoing and 
gregarious not just towards women, but towards everyone.  Women on the 
other hand are conditioned from an early age to be shy and quiet.    Men 
are usually older when they get married and thus have a larger circle of 
friends and more of an extra-marital life, with opportunities for adultery.

You inflammatory comments about flaunting male organs with whomever, and 
women being a man's weakness shall be treated with the contempt they deserve !



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