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julia wrote:

> After reading the article, many things struck me. One was that the author
> chose to refer to every female scientist as "Ms. So-and-So", instead of "Dr.
> So-and-So". I couldn't imagine printing an article referring to a bunch of
> male professors as "Mr. So-and-So", thus right away I felt defensive.

Actually, this is probably not true.  How people refer to those with
doctorates is not standard.  For example, the New York Times uses
Mr/Ms except for MDs--or at least it used to; in fact this was stated in
its usage guide.  using Mr/Ms hearkens back to an earlier
age of academics, when one did not flaunt one's degrees.  I recall as
an undergrad at Berkeley, the English dept referred to its faculty as
Mr/Ms, while the science departments all used Dr.  I have a hunch that
the Chronicle of Higher Education follows the humanities-tendency
and does not employ Dr for anyone, although I may be mistaken.

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