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Do women belong at MIT

Paul S. Brookes. brookes at uab.edu
Tue Sep 5 10:21:10 EST 2000

Does anyone really expect the rantings of a 70+ year old alumnus in a 
little-read publication to be taken seriously?  Especially the bit 
about  "science is like art".  Science is nothing like art!  Granted, some 
elegance is required in presentation of one's results, and some scientific 
images (e.g. fluorescent confocals) do have a certain artlike quality.  But 
to say science needs a certain level of creativity is just missing the 
boat.   Science is peppered with people plodding away, with no creativity, 
just logically applying method X to problem Y and getting answers that are 
publishable - where's the creativity in that?    How many artists do you 
know that are scientists in their spare time?  Now turn that around - how 
many scientists play musical instruments, paint at the weekend, take part 
in amateur dramatics?   Sure, scientists have a lot of creativity, but it 
is not a prerequisite for the job, hence so many scientists find other 
outlets for their creative talents than at the workplace.

Agreed about Alumni magazines.  What do these people get off on?  I got my 
alma-mater's mag a while back and noticed an article about recent success 
in the arena of popular music by some alumni.  It fills my heart with a joy 
so rapturous, to know that the guys who did no work and bummed around 
drinking and jamming in the student union bar all day are now making 
it.  Yeah right!


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