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Mon Jun 11 01:38:59 EST 2001

Sarah Pallas wrote:

> After a long absence from this list, I now want to report on my
> recent success in gaining tenure and acknowledge the help I've
> received from my spouse and many mentors, most of them female, some
> from this list. I've survived some extreme difficulties with shall
> we say less than supportive male mentors, I've parented two children
> now ages 3 and 7, made it through a horrible funding climate, and a
> heavy teaching load. Now, in addition to granting me tenure, my
> University nominated me for an Outstanding Faculty Achievement Award.
> This post is not to look for kudos but to provide encouragement.
> Although I certainly work hard, I'm not any more brilliant than any
> of you, and I've had my share of bad luck. That means that you too
> can balance work and family commitments in a satisfactory way and
> maintain a viable academic career! Hang in there!


And for everyone else--
No one is going to hand it to you, but you can make it happen.
And the more of us there are, the better for all.

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