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US/PA Medical Director - Reproductive Medicine/Women's Health

Vaclav Kirsner vaclavkirsner at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 12 03:45:03 EST 2001

US/PA Medical Director - Reproductive Medicine/Women's

BioSense Corporation is an emerging technology
company, dedicated to electronic diagnosis of
fertility for family planning and for women's health
monitoring. End-users are both the women consumers and
their health providers. 

BioSense Corporation's microelectronic device is a
tissue-biosensor for the posterior fornix of the
vagina. It has unprecedented attributes that make it
possible to:  a) monitor dominant follicle maturation
and folliculogenesis, b) determine the very narrow
fertile window of only 3 or 4 days per menstrual
cycle, and  c) monitor both ovarian and brain effects
on ovulation.   Ovulation is detected separately from
and independently of ovulation-prediction. The
supremely user-friendly product has potential to
become every woman's companion tool for daily hygiene
and health screening. 

The technology is expected to have additional
non-reproductive diagnostic uses, such as in the
management of PMS/PMDD, hormone replacement therapy
and other women's problems. The other application is
in agribusiness, to help increase productivity of milk
and meat production.  

BioSense Corporation seeks candidates for the
management team. 

MEDICAL DIRECTOR is sought. This is a ground floor
opportunity for a visionary in reproductive
medicine/women's health. The ideal candidate will
acquire and hold this view: The BioSense technology
and planned product line is far from being merely a
competition for the existing LH kits or the
two-hormone monitor from Unipath. 

Unlike the urinalysis diagnostics available in the
marketplace for infertility patients, the BioSense
core product is to become every woman's friendly
companion tool. It will be priced so low as to be
easily accessible to everyone. Through the quick and
easy daily data, providing unprecedented details of
the menstrual cycle, women's healthcare providers will
have available a new diagnostic aid for patient

The candidate must have a strong background in
reproductive medicine, and a successful track record,
consistent with growing a startup company in the
women's health arena. 
The Medical Director will finalize and direct the
medical aspects of the BioSense operation. The plan
involves a series of tasks such as the following:  1.
basic product engineering,   2. pilot study and FDA
510(k) #1,  3. derivative OTC product engineering,  
4. multi-center study.  Each task has a cost and a
timeline, and there are about 40 tasks postulated for
the first 3 years of the plan, designed to introduce
variants of the same technology into three market
segments over the 3-year period.  

Contact Name: Vaclav  Kirsner, Ph.D. 
Email:  vaclavkirsner at yahoo.com
Web site:  http://www.biosense.freeservers.com  
Visit other BioSense pages at 
http://biosense.batcave.net  and at 

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