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Starting: Fri Dec 1 05:11:46 EST 1995
Ending: Sat Dec 30 19:55:25 EST 1995
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  1. Search engine for online manual?   Xplor Account
  2. PROCHECK anyone?   Xplor Account
  3. IMPORTANT: BIOSCI miniFAQ   BIOSCI Administrator
  4. junk on X-PLOR mail server   BIOSCI Administrator
  5. Reading xplor files into mathematica   Balaji Bhyravbhatla
  6. Topology Files   Alexandre Bonvin
  7. junk on X-PLOR mail server   Axel T. Brunger
  8. disulphide across xtal symmetry   Axel T. Brunger
  9. junk on X-PLOR mail server   David Cullinan
  10. PROCHECK anyone?   F.E.Dodd
  11. junk on X-PLOR mail server   Stephane Gagne
  12. nmr structure   Dawit Gizachew
  13. Low/High B's   Jiang Jiansheng
  14. fractional coords   Gerard 'CD' Kleywegt
  15. bound substrate   Gerard 'CD' Kleywegt
  16. disulphide across xtal symmetry   Gerard 'CD' Kleywegt
  17. bound substrate   Takashi Kurino
  18. how to pick a h-bond ?   Serge Smirnov L.
  19. PROCHECK   Nancy O. Manning
  20. Xplor Toppar Request   Ron Meleshko
  21. problems with xplor   CAUDEN Pascal
  22. Low/High B's   Brad Poland
  23. heterocyclic/DNA complexes   Paul Ramsland
  24. P321   Giovanna Scapin
  25. PROCHECK anyone?   Dave Schuller
  26. junk on X-PLOR mail server   Dave Schuller
  27. Refining with chemical shifts   Mike Smith
  28. PROCHECK   Ruth Steele
  29. R-factor per volume.   Tomoko.Nishizaki at PH.hines.hokudai.ac.jp
  30. Refining with chemical shifts   Alan Tucker
  31. disulphide across xtal symmetry   barani
  32. MIR maps and refined coordinates   hws at PHARM.MED.YALE.EDU
  33. Refining with chemical shifts   piero pollesello

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