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Starting: Wed Nov 1 12:14:50 EST 1995
Ending: Thu Nov 30 16:07:56 EST 1995
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  1. R factor   chenlong at BIO.CORNELL.EDU
  2. R factor   Jiang Jiansheng
  3. chain output > molscript input file   cherbavaz at MSG.UCSF.EDU
  4. R factor   Gerard 'CD' Kleywegt
  5. Xplor_NOESY_algorithm   piero pollesello
  6. (no subject)   piero pollesello
  7. Xplor_NOESY_algorithm   piero pollesello
  8. Xplor_NOESY_algorithm   Alexandre Bonvin
  9. IMPORTANT: BIOSCI miniFAQ   BIOSCI Administrator
  10. ncs   Ramachandran Murali
  11. ncs   s_aarono at EDUSERV.ITS.UNIMELB.EDU.AU
  12. Accessible surface in crystal   CSHAREL2 at WEIZMANN.weizmann.ac.il
  13. ncs   Gerard Kleijwegt
  14. Positions on protein analysis available   Fernando M. Montes Gonzalez
  15. Energy refinement without X-rays   Menachem Shoham
  16. Energy Minimisation without xray term   Barani
  17. ncs input files, request   PHEIKINH at ala.btk.utu.fi
  18. ncs input files, request   Gerard Kleijwegt
  19. ncs input files, request   Jiang Jiansheng
  20. No speedup using multiple processors on 10-processor PowerChallenge   Kay Diederichs
  21. Gly phi constraints   Kristy Downing
  22. (no subject)   Anurag Joshi
  23. Trajectory coordinate file output in standard pdb format ??   Anurag Joshi
  24. (no subject)   Alexandre Bonvin
  25. Gly phi constraints   John Kuszewski
  26. No speedup using multiple processors on 10-processor PowerChallenge   Ron Meleshko
  27. spermine   Stefan Portmann
  28. Improper Angles   Gu Peihua
  29. (none)   Li Songlin
  30. (none)   Li Songlin
  31. interhelical angles   Brian Wimberly
  32. Improper Angles   Gerard Kleijwegt
  33. Improper Angles   Axel T. Brunger
  34. (no subject)   Michael Berry
  35. (no subject)   Axel T. Brunger
  36. interhelical angles   David Rose
  37. BUFMAX   Simon M. Brocklehurst
  38. (no subject)   William T. Rankin
  39. BUFMAX   Jiang Jiansheng
  40. BUFMAX   Simon M. Brocklehurst
  41. Topology and parameter file generation   Gerard 'CD' Kleywegt
  42. (no subject)   Kay Diederichs
  43. parameter sets   breeze at zeneca-ph.co.uk
  44. parameter sets   Gerard 'CD' Kleywegt
  45. Parameter sets   Gerard 'CD' Kleywegt
  46. ncs resraints: weight-ncs   Balaji Bhyravbhatla
  47. ncs resraints: weight-ncs   Gerard 'CD' Kleywegt
  48. (none)   Balasundaram PADMANABHAN
  49. NCS-restraints   Balasundaram PADMANABHAN
  50. parameter sets   John Kuszewski
  51. parameter sets   John Kuszewski
  52. phosphate in protein structure   Pirkko Heikinheimo BTK
  53. fractional coords   Matthew Pugmire
  54. Topology Files   Ron Meleshko

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