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X-plor September 1995 Archives by author

Starting: Fri Sep 1 16:55:49 EST 1995
Ending: Thu Sep 28 16:04:15 EST 1995
Messages: 18

  1. [Q]Xplor Electron Density maps and Mathematica   Luca Ida Giovanni TOLDO (Ph.D.)
  2. Resolution of problems with X-plor 3.1 on OpenVMS Alpha   Gerson H Cohen
  3. valine chi-1   Andrew Dalke
  4. IUPAC Polypeptide Nomenclature   Chris Haydock
  5. HELP with Water generation   Jiang Jiansheng
  6. param1.cho for MD?   Jiang Jiansheng
  7. HELP with Water generation   Anurag Joshi
  8. Mn2+ SCATters   Gerard 'CD' Kleywegt
  9. param1.cho for MD?   Gerd Klintschar
  10. IUPAC Polypeptide Nomenclature   C. Roy D. Lancaster
  11. Mn2+ SCATters   PHEIKINH at ala.btk.utu.fi
  13. Help wiht CHarMM   Jeff Taylor
  14. Param file question   Tomoko.Nishizaki at PH.hines.hokudai.ac.jp
  15. subscribe x-plor   Oganessyan Vaheh
  16. dimer refinement   Gianluigi Veglia
  17. Parameters for unsaturated lipids and TFE?   M. Zloh
  18. NADP parameter and topology files   cherbavaz at MSG.UCSF.EDU

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