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Starting: Thu Aug 1 09:57:11 EST 1996
Ending: Fri Aug 30 17:53:08 EST 1996
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  1. (none)   GAO at KITTEN.CHEM.UH.EDU
  2. (none)   GAO at KITTEN.CHEM.UH.EDU
  3. 3DBbrowse is now available from PDB   Nancy O. Manning
  4. averaged structure   Jack Tanner
  5. averaged structure   Andrew Dalke
  6. averaged structures   Paul Ramsland
  7. b-refinement   Didier Nurizzo
  8. BIOSCI/bionet miniFAQ & Fundraiser   BIOSCI Administrator
  9. brefinement   Didier Nurizzo
  10. brefinement   Gerard 'CD' Kleywegt
  11. brefinement   Juergen J. Mueller
  12. brefinement   Phoebe Rice
  13. Classical-R, R-work, R-free   Raman
  14. Clinical Lab Automation & Development, Computational Biology,Biotech Engineering   Petar Stojadinovic
  15. dna_template.pdb   Yuan yue
  16. explict water models   Paul Ramsland
  17. explict water models   Jiangsheng Jiang
  18. explict water models   abonvin
  19. Faculty Position in Crystallography / Structural NMR   C.S.RAMAN
  20. individual vdw terms   Carolyn A. Kanagy
  21. individual vdw terms   Pellequer Jean-Luc
  22. job openings   martin egli
  23. linear angle problems   Raman
  24. map calculations   Pirkko Heikinheimo BTK
  25. MAXPAD error   Paul Ramsland
  26. MAXPAD error   Axel T. Brunger
  27. mutation of nucleic acid residues   MAYER Claudine
  28. NMR postdoc position openings   Xiaolian Gao
  29. nonbonded param   A Rashid
  30. Overheating   Christoph Steinbeck
  31. Parameter files   Chris Snook
  32. PC refinement   J. Mazlo
  33. positive lennard Jones energies   Michael Nilges
  34. positive Lennard-Jones energies   Jane Caldwell
  35. positive Lennard-Jones energies   Pellequer Jean-Luc
  37. Self-rotation function   Kyeong Kyu Kim
  38. Self-rotation function   Jiangsheng Jiang
  39. Self-rotation function   diane h peapus
  40. Starch Structure & Function WWW Page   Andrew Black
  41. Starch Structure & Function WWW Page   Dave Schuller
  42. subscribe   Hong Ling
  43. top and param for COA   Abdellah Djebli
  44. top and param for COA   Gerard 'CD' Kleywegt
  45. trajectory files   Matthew Pugmire
  46. trajectory files   Matthew Pugmire
  47. trajectory files   Evan Stein
  48. trajectory files   Pellequer Jean-Luc
  49. Unknown coordinates error during SA   Raman
  50. Unknown coordinates error during SA   Aaron Oakley
  51. Unknown coordinates error during SA   Simone Brunie
  52. Unknown coordinates error during SA   Philippe Benas
  53. X-PLOR peptide blocking groups   Chris Sheldahl
  54. X-PLOR(online) available   Axel T. Brunger
  55. xplor-nmr   Jinhai Gao

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