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How to read 0readme.tex?

Yoram Puius puius at aecom.yu.edu
Mon Dec 2 14:38:59 EST 1996

Xiaozhou Liu wrote:
> Hi, I have just downloaded XPLOR3.851 version and found the file
> /tutorial/xtal_torsion/0readme.tex is not a plain text file. I use
> a SGI irix5.3 system and it seems no command can view the file.
> Does anyone know what software can solve this problem?
> Xiaozhou

This file is an input file designed as input for LaTeX, a mathematical
typesetting system.  Using LaTeX converts the file first to what is
called a .dvi (device independent) file, which can then be converted
via "dvi2ps" (or "dvips") to a PostScript file.

I have a PC version of LaTeX, but I had problems converting the file
to PostScript (although I may be missing something obvious).  Perhaps
someone else has converted it to a .ps file already?

I suggest we collectively ask Dr. Brunger to
provide us with a PostScript version at the Web site.

Here goes:

"Dr. Brunger:   Could you kindly provide a PostScript version of
the torsion angle refinement manual on the X-PLOR(online) home
page?  Many thanks,  Yoram"

P.S.  My bookmark for the TeX and LaTeX FAQ is

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